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Feb 2006

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September 03 2017 00:00 UTC
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Iskh is a RuneScape Guild Councillor


Proud owner of a Master Quest Cape, Max cape, Completionist Cape, and Reaper Title.

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Does Iskh mean anything in particular?
I am not as good at video game as my son, so when he asked how I was getting on or whether I had done something well, I used to answer “ish, kay”, i.e. sort of done it and OK stop asking. Hence I arrived at IshKay for a name to play Morrowwind, Oblivion and COD with. My son started playing RS before me, knew I would love it, and created my Runescape account for me as. He inherited dyslexia and so spelled my name wrong. I kept it as it reminds me of how cute he was then, he was only 12 at the time.

[| Interview with Iskh June_2014 Magazine]

Rune Scape

Before playing Runescape I played a lot of single player Dungeon and Dragon style games such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Might and Magic 1,2,,,,, Morrowind, Thief.... Back in the old old days you needed a pencil and squared paper to play.

Started playing RS with my son a very long time ago back in February 2006.

Took a break around 2011 to play another Jagex game called War of Legends. Joined a few clans in that game. It was discontinued.

I returned to RS and by 2013 I had accrued the massive sum of 6 Million GP. I joined Can Quest having enjoyed the company of being in a Clan in WOL.

I am continually evolving and persevering against my natural inability to play much to the amusement and sometimes despairing wails of my son.

  • First got my Quest Cape in Sep 2013
  • Shortly after first 99 - Fire Cape in Nov 2013
  • Second 99 was construction cape. Getting 120 construction is one of my goals.
  • Feb 2017 Master Quest cape
  • April 2018 MAX.
  • 120 Slayer and 120 DG sometime in 2019.
  • "Of Daemonheim" April 19.

Clan Quest

Joined Clan Quest in 2013. It is the only RS clan I have been in and it is awesome.

Was asked to join Razzers by Lizbeth and in 2014 wrote a rather successful but rather dubious program to scrape the recruitment feed and pre-format the responses called Robo Razzer. This has long since been retired.

I was invited to low council in August 2015 and Combat Marshals in 2017.


Wrote the first version of Rocket League in 1990 (Wild Wheels) and a more successful game called PushOver.