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The Cigam campaign is a Dungeons and Dragons game run by Draziw and played by several members of Clan Quest, most prominently Dawn, MsKonnan10, Sirapyro, Cyan R, Sk8r dan man, and Loud12100. It is set in a fictional world created by Draziw and his family, from which their naming scheme (Wizard=Draziw, Rerecros=Sorcerer, Sugam=Magus) was originally developed. It is a fantasy world in which magic is illegal and punishable by death, and so it is hidden and practiced in secrecy. An in-depth summary of the campaign can be found on here - this page serves as a general overview and introduction to the world and the characters.

World Overview

Player Characters

It's a D&D Campaign, it's built as much around its players as it is the DMs story. In this campaign the player characters' adventuring party is known as "The Stampede", as part of an elephant-based naming scheme. They once referred to an important item they weren't supposed to talk about as "the elephant in the room", and ever since they've ran with the elephant motif. At any given point The Stampede has five to six members, and at present they are:

Devlin Brien

Devlin Brien is an illusion wizard and war cleric who was once the sheriff of a smaller town, but left after being invited to join the Cigam when he displayed an unusual talent for magic. He joined up with The Stampede when his uncle David Evans, a founding member of The Stampede, asked him to take his place in the party, and to search for answers in the mysterious death and rebirth of Evans' adopted son, Trent Jackson. Devlin has since taken up this quest on his uncles behalf while also traveling with The Stampede, aiding them in their mission, and even going through Cigam training with them. He has taken on the role of swinging between magical support and damage per second, and is definitively the most knowledgeable in all things arcane.

Ilyui "Illy" Omilya

Illy is an elven mastermind rogue and hexblade warlock who suffered two great losses: a precious amulet given to her by her mother was stolen, and she was effectively exiled from her home kingdom. She set out on the adventure that led her to become a founding member of The Stampede in order to solve both of these problems, and would one day succeed in both. However, while searching for the amulet she discovered that it was part of the ancient "Pact of Naurel" designed to ensure Naurel's ancestor would ascend to the elven throne, and all signs have thus far indicated that that ancestor is Illy herself. She is the parties primary single target damage dealer and stealth expert, and also has a major love for daggers and expensive trinkets.

Ivo Arend

Ivo Arend is an oath of vengeance paladin and hexblade warlock, though he spent much of his life and adventuring career as a storm sorcerer and bard before suffering a shift in the nature of his magic. He is a human who grew up in the kingdom of Giants, and always had a fascination with history, particularly his own, but could never get clear answers on his past or source of his magic. He would eventually leave home, help found The Stampede, and learn that his life as he knew it had been crafted to hide him from the world, and his paternal grandfather was the deposed ruler of the Emorian Empire. He has recently become the parties tank, despite the fact that he is generally the most cautious and wary of taking damage.

Javid Divaj

Javid Divaj is an open-hand monk, battle master, and warlock who seemingly against all odds hails from the Dune Sea. His story is simple but dire: the people in the monastery from which he is from are rapidly running out of water, and he needs to find a new source before it is too late. He has pursued several different paths to achieve this goal, and his deadline is rapidly approaching. His quest eventually lead him to the Championship of Champions where he helped form The Stampede. He is one of the more versatile members of the party, excelling at wasting enemies time through evasion while simultaneously delivering huge damage through both melee and magical winds. He is an intelligent man, but completely unaccustomed to local customs and often finds himself saying things wildly inappropriate.

Kallie Connyphyus

Temperus "Temp" Eyst

Important NPCs

Story Overview