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Temperus "Temp" the Jack
Type Player Character
Player Loud
Character Information
Name Temperus "Temp" the Jack
Race Elf
Class(es) Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, Ranger, Oath of Conquest Paladin
Background Sage (Librarian)
Sex Male
Age 121
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliations The Stampede (current)
Cigam Order (Former)
Place(s) Ivory Crest (base)
Languages Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarvish, Eastern, Elvish, Infernal
Status Alive
Level 22 (17 Sorc, 2 Range, 3 Paladin)

"Who am I? I am Temperus Eyst;

Member of the Stampede,
Master of Cold,
Rider of Oliphants,
(13 times) Slayer of dragons,
Kin of Praetorians,
Successor of Gelus Frigor,
Bearer of The Claw,
Butcher of a thousand dwarves,
Liberator of Groth,
Conqueror of Morghal's Maze,
Subjugator of Torque,
and Vanquisher of Imperial Moffs.

So I ask you, who the fuck are you? And why should I care?"

Character History


-Early Life

Temperus was born to Interi and Rhys Eyst 120 years ago in the small Eastern village of Salathalas. Due to the village's secluded nature, Temp lived a relatively uneventful life for a majority of his childhood. He was often mocked by the other villagers, due to his dark purple skin that was extremely rare among elves. Despite this, Temp tried to maintain a positive attitude.

When he was 45 years old, and just reaching the end of his childhood years, his village was raided from the sea. Temp never did find out who the raiders were, but the village was badly damaged with several inhabitants presumably kidnapped. Amongst those that had disappeared was Sahx Eyst, Temp's younger brother of 5 years.

Life changed dramatically for Temp after this catastrophe. His smile disappeared completely, and he began to adopt a very dry and empty personality. People around him noticed this change, and generally began to keep their distance from him. As a result, Temp spent most of his 'teenage years' alone, typically with his nose in a book. His fascination with reading and need to contribute back to society lead him to taking up the job of the village's librarian. It was during this time that Temp learned to speak several languages including Celestial and Infernal.

When he was 95 years old, Temp managed to get his hands on a book from a group calling itself "Cigam." The book was a detailed guide in a form of magic that used one's own internal energy to mimic the abilities of dragons. Unfortunately, the book was written entirely in the Draconic language, which lead Temp to learn the language in order to satiate his curiosity. After learning the language, he began to attempt using magic in this way, and found he had a surprising talent for it. He especially found spells that were detailed under the lineage of silver dragons, cold spells, were particularly easy for him to use. After 10 years of practice, Temp deemed that he most likely would not be able to learn much more on his own, and that he should head to the mainland in search of a new teacher in Cigam. He set off on his own that same year, on a ship headed for the Elven territory of the mainland. While he wouldn't admit it at the time, Temp was hoping that he may even be able to find out what had happened to his younger brother who went missing all those years ago.

-Adult Years

Temp arrived in the Elven port town of Asch several months later. From there, he was deemed a suitable age to serve the mandatory 5 years of military service in exchange for citizenship. While not particularly fond of the prospect, Temp agreed as not to cause trouble. He was initiated into the Ranger Core, and spent the next year as a town guard in Asch. He was noted to be particularly talented with a rapier, and was an excellent scout when working in the dark. He was re-assigned to work in the larger Elven city of Eladris to the south, where he spent his remaining 4 years of service operating. With Eladris being further south, he would occasionally have to deal with raids from unorganized groups of humans. During this time, he became particularly proficient in tracking both humans and elves.

When he was off duty, Temp would spend most of his downtime researching more about magic. He had learned that casting magic when not part of Cigam was incredibly illegal, so he tried his best to keep his field of study a secret. He also took the time to learn to speak Dwarven. It was near the end of his conscripted time that Temp drew the attention of Colonel Kadoc Petjor, a particularly high ranking officer in the Rangers of Eladris. Kadoc began to spend more time with Temp, eventually starting to view him as the son he never had. Their relationship grew close enough that Temp considered dropping his plan of joining Cigam in favour of joining the Rangers full time. Kadoc told Temp not to follow this path, as his potential as a spellcaster would definitely take him further in life.

Shortly after, Temp's conscription came to an end, allowing him to focus his full attention on his magical research. Kadoc opened his home up to Temp at this time; hoping that a large, empty house would be perfect for questionable practices. A few more years passed, and Temp found his proficiency in magic high enough to attempt to join the Cigam. However, Kadoc grew fatally ill, forcing Temp to halt his efforts in order to nurture him. Kadoc did not survive the illness, but left Temp the sole inheritor of his will.

After Kadoc's passing, Temp resumed his attempts to join Cigam. While at the local Eladris Cigam office, Temp drew the attention of a purple robed member by the name of Kieran Paris. Kieran quickly noticed that Temp used the same style of magic as him, that being Draconic Bloodline Sorcery. Excited to finally meet another practitioner, Kieran quickly took Temp under his wing.

After a few months, Kieran officially recommended Temp as a new member of Cigam. It wasn't long after joining Cigam that Temp was introduced to a certain group. One that he would never expect to be stuck with to such an extreme degree.


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