Ivo Arend
Type Player Character
Player Sirapyro
Character Information
Name Ivo Arend
Aliases Voi Aryn (birth name)
Race Human
Class(es) Storm Sorcerer, College of Lore Bard
Background Outlander
Sex Male
Age 31
Alignment Neutral Good
Family Luman (father)
Jaz Aryn (mother)
Tol Aryn (grandfather)
Affiliations The Stampede (founder, current)
Cigam Order (current)
Third Hand (current)
Place(s) Little Rock (hometown)
Strassburg (birthplace)
Ivory Crest (base)
Languages Common, Mountaineer, Gnomish, Primordial
Status Alive
Level 15 (12 Sorc, 3 Bard)

Ivo Arend is an original member of the party known as "The Stampede", and serves as one of its predominant mages and its bard. A storm sorcerer of uniquely incredible power, Ivo has spent much of his life hiding his gift for magic for fear of reprisals by the Cigam. Since he, and the rest of The Stampede, have become memebers of the Cigam Order, though, he has practiced his magic more openly, though still hides it from the general public. His journey began as a means of discovering the truth about his past and his power, which has concluded in the realization that the stories told to him in his childhood were lies told to protect him and the incredible power he naturally possesses.

Character History


Ivo Arend was born and spent his earliest years in a town on the edges of the Emorian Empire, alongside a river that served as an important trade route. When civil war broke out, the town's position made it an excellent strategic position to control the flow of resources going down the river, and so it became a hotspot for conflict. The towns Human citizens, not looking to fight or die, fled into the mountains where they were accepted by the Giants. The town was leveled soon after.

Ivo spent his childhood and formative years alongside his parents and fellow Human refugees with the Giants just south of a town known as "Big Rock". The Giants humorously referred to the Human settlement as "Little Rock", and the name stuck. Ivo's personality and skills were molded by the Giants but he was instilled with a drive for knowledge by his parents, who passed away in his early 20's due to natural causes. As he grew up and came to understand more of the world he discovered he possessed a natural mystical ability. If his parents knew anything about where this gift (or curse, as many would see it) came from, they took it to their graves. They only ever warned him of the risk he faced if anyone ever found out.

In his teenage years, Ivo befriended a Giant named Klever, a young hunter in Big Rock. As a hunter Klever was fairly knowledgeable about the local geography - he had to be to track better - and Ivo was able to learn by watching him. Klever taught him to appreciate his surroundings, to recognize them and recall them later so that he'd never get lost. Ivo never particularly took to hunting big game like Klever, but he was still able to learn crucial lessons in survivability. In turn, Ivo's curiosity and drive to study made it so he had more stories to tell than most people either of them knew, and as Ivo matured he took to playing the guitar, all of which Klever took great joy in hearing.

Ivo continued to study what he could while living with the Giants, but eventually, his drive for knowledge led him to set out on his own and return to the Emorian Empire, where he could find answers on who his family was before they fled, and why he has access to the magic that he does. Learning about other people and civilizations is just an added bonus on his quest.


Ivo attended the Championship of Champions hoping that the winnings he might earn from it would aid in his quest to learn more about his history, but he didn't expect to perform as well as he did, gaining national notoriety in the process, or to find himself as a member of an adventuring party. He, along with the rest of what would colloquially become known as the "The Stampede", found themselves accepting a job to investigate a secret military base that had been attacked, leaving the entire staff dead or missing. In this base, they found a mysterious golden scepter-like artifact that they would later discover was proof of the existence of Gods.

Ivo quickly found camaraderie with the rest of his party members, so much so that he followed them into situations he normally wouldn't have. His new familial bonds with "The Stampede" even sidetracked him from his quest for personal knowledge, though it has never left the forefront of his mind. He has confided as much of his history as he can say without fear of arrest to his party members, and by doing so he has begun to learn that the stories he was told by his family may not have been entirely true. Commandant Evans and The Wolf, specifically, insisted that Ivo's search for his destroyed home town was a fool's errand and that it was likely destroyed due to religious worship in the area.

These warnings, and Ivo's growing fears, were confirmed when the party, along with Vylqwyn, interacted with the book recovered from Telam and it confirmed that not only was Ivo adopted by his supposed "parents", he was born in Strassburg and is very likely not even human. The information Ivo learned from the book did nothing to advance his quest for knowledge; In fact, it served more to prove that almost everything he thought he knew about himself was a lie and that he was further from discovering the truth than he had ever been. He went quiet after that, taking in that information, but the next morning he and the rest of the party were tasked with removing the threat of the Third Hand from Strassburg, and so Ivo distracted himself by partaking in the killing of their local leader after totally not accidentally instigating the fight with psychic messages.

While most of the rest of the party learned something about their personal goals that gave them a new clue to follow, Ivo was left with no leads and few ideas on where to go next. He determined to make his way back home, to the Giant kingdom, after dealing with a situation in the Kingdom of Gulac on behalf of Luman, which turned out to be a disaster. Gnomes and Humans had gone to war, and on their way to complete the quest given to them by Luman they were attacked by an enemy army and forced to retreat, but not before Evans and their new companion, Tafo Skavo, were captured. Ivo ultimately sacrificed one of his two Praetorian coins to free Evans, who then departed to continue Luman's quest while the rest of the party departed for Little Rock.

After a stop in Kansley, where Illy stole a dagger from a museum, the party finall arrived in Little Rock, where Ivo came to discover that the story about his village being burned as a child was entirely a lie, and that his childhood home had been previously owned by Vylqwyn. This bombshell was quickly followed by a communication from Vylqwyn in magic ink that instructed him, and the rest of the party, to head for Durmstrong, where they would meet Cane, a powerful man who could give everyone more answers. It took the better part of two weeks and a fight with some giant wyrms, but Ivo and the party finally arived in Durmstrong and made contact with Cane, who ultimately determined that the party was comprised of extremely rare, magic-destroying "Slayers" - a fact they all needed to keep secret. Cane warned of a coming war, and if the party wanted to prepare then they needed to go to Cigam and complete their training.

And so the party set off to join Cigam, teleporting to Headquarters directly from Durmstrong, where they spent the next several months training and learning about magic, and even acquiring new skills. Ivo, for his part, picked up some skills of a Bard. Finally, after obtaining green robes, the party departed from Cigam and took a "vacation" in Emor, where they made acquaintance with almost every member of the Emperor's Praetorian guard... and even with the Emperor himself! Ivo, unfortunately, was forced to give up his last Praetorian coin in exchange for an Amulet of Naurel for Illy. Shortly after he finally reconnected with Vylqwyn, who set him on a new hunt for answers: the identity of his birth father.

After excursions on behalf of the Praetorian Furari Domin, preventing a coup in the Dwarven kingdom, and participating in their second Championship of Champions, Ivo and The Stampede took a week off to pursue their own personal goals. During this week Ivo managed to stumble upon someone elses research that seemed to imply the name "Arend" was a derivative of the imperial name "Aryn", implying that his mother may have been the deposed emperors daughter, and his father her commoner-turned-champion husband: Luman. These suspicions were later confirmed by Luman himself after The Stampede helped save him, Vylqwyn, and Telam from an assassination attempt. While the revelation largely answered the questions Ivo set out to answer at the start of his journey, it did not bring him the peace he thought it would.


Physical Description

Ivo Arend is fairly moderate in stature: 5'9" and in healthy shape, though not particularly strong. He has cut his dark brown hair short while dealing in the Emorian Empire, and his beard only ever grows to a thin shadow. He has an "easy to look at" face, complimenting his generally charismatic personality. He is not "gorgeous" by the traditional sense, but many would consider him to be at least above average.


Ivo is, above all else, driven by two things: a pursuit for knowledge and self-improvement, and a devotion to his family, both blood and chosen. His main ideological goal is to learn about his past, and the pursuit of knowledge has always been both one of his best traits, as well as his worst. His fascination with knowledge, especially when it's relevant to his personal history, has been known to distract him from whatever else he might have been doing, sometimes to near-dangerous extents. He may even lose focus in the middle of combat under the right (or wrong) circumstances. This is a problem he has acknowledged about himself and has spent a lot of time trying to improve on it, but ultimately it is something that is always at the forefront of his mind and can be easily manipulated.

Ivo is a very cautious person, and will often hold back from dangerous situations if they do not immediately benefit his own personal quest. For example, he refused to lay a hand on "The Elephant", but he quickly joined in when the party recovered a book capable of telling him almost anything he wanted to know. Because of this, and in some cases despite it, Ivo tends to overthink problems, and he ultimately prefers more complicated solutions rather than simple ones.

Spells & Abilities


As a sorcerer, Ivo's arsenal of spells is constantly growing and evolving; tracking them all over time would be impossible, but he tends to have a few "signature" spells that he sticks to, listed below.
  • Minor Illusion
  • Ray of Frost
  • Message
  • Vicious Mockery
  • Shield
  • Thunderwave
  • Dissonant Whispers
  • Shatter
  • Warding Wind
  • Haste
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Thunder Step
  • Storm Sphere
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Thunderclap
  • Gust
  • Disguise Self
  • Find Familiar
  • Control Winds
  • Call Lightning
  • Minor Illusion
  • Ray of Frost
  • Message
  • Vicious Mockery
  • Shield
  • Thunderwave
  • Dissonant Whispers
  • Shatter
  • Warding Wind
  • Haste
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Thunder Step
  • Storm Sphere
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Thunderclap
  • Gust
  • Disguise Self
  • Find Familiar
  • Control Winds
  • Call Lightning


For reasons unknown to him, and in addition to his spellcasting, Ivo has a number of unique abilities he can call upon in a number of different situations for little to no cost, depending on the ability.

Metamagic Tempestuous Magic Heart of the Storm
Ivo has the unique ability to use an innate "metamagic" ability to enhance or modify his spellcasting. Currently, he can use this ability to either split his targetted spells into two, allowing him to target two separate entities, or he can remove all verbal or somatic components necessary to cast a spell. Additionally, he can "convert" this ability into additional mystic energy that he can use to cast more powerful spells, and he can also expend that same energy to create more "metamagic" energy. Before or after casting a spell more powerful than a cantrip, Ivo can channel the excess magical energy to create a gust of wind around himself, allowing him to fly 10 feet in any direction, preventing enemies from attacking him as he does so. As a storm sorcerer, Ivo is resistant to both lightning and thunder damage and whenever he himself casts a spell that deals those kinds of damage he releases a surge of magic out from his body that can damage every creature of his choice within ten feet.
Storm Guide Bardic Inspiration Jack of all Trades
Additionally, Ivo's ability as a storm sorcerer allows him to subtly control the weather around him. He is capable of stopping rainfall within a twenty-foot radius around himself, and he can also change the direction of wind-no matter how strong-if it happens to be windy. As a Bard, Ivo has gained the mystical power to musically inspire members of his party, allowing them to draw extra strength when fighting their foes, or overcoming obstacles. Ivo's studies as a Bard resulted in him learning a little bit about everything. As such, he is generally more useful in various different skills, and was even able to hone his powers of persuasion and deception to expertise.

Weapons & Armor


As a (somewhat) secretive spellcaster, Ivo predominantly depends on his strange magical abilities when in combat, but has learned to carry around a set of weapons with him both to disguise his magic and to help deal with situations where his magic may not be sufficient.

Light Crossbow Lightning-Enchanted Crossbow Bolts Silver Crossbow Bolts
Ivo has long carried a crossbow in his travels, a necessary tool for a survivalist such as himself. After the Championship of Champions, he replaced his old, standard crossbow with a nicer one with a metallic bowstring, after receiving financial backing from Commandant Evans and Commandant Colt. After joining the Cigam Order, Ivo made his way to the Cigam office in Strassburg and purchased a set of 10 crossbow bolts with a lightning enchantment bound to them. These bolts were capable of dealing lightning damage to any creature within 5 feet of the path they traveled. Along with his lightning crossbow bolts, Ivo also purchased a set of 20 silver crossbow bolts, which were capable of dealing damage to any creature resistant to physical damage, as well as shapeshifters and other unholy creatures.
Quarterstaff Ebenezer's Warhammer Shortsword
Ivo has carried a quarterstaff with him throughout his traveling days. It is a standard wooden quarterstaff and often sees more use as a walking stick than as an actual weapon. Still, it is a weapon in his arsenal, should he ever choose to use it. Along with several other unique magic items, The Stampede found and took with them a warhammer from the abandoned mansion where they fought the gouls. Ivo eventually took the warhammer for himself so that he had an option in a close-range melee fight. The hammer itself possesses a magical effect that allows it to emit a bright light, capable even of blinding opponents for a short time. After exploring the Cigam archives in Strassburg, and just before meeting Telam, a magic shortsword was discovered on the corpse of the would-be book thief that, when attuned to, granted its wielder proficiency with it. Most of the party already had their preferred melee weapons, and so it was decided that Ivo was the best candidate to take it. He has since attuned to it, but has still opted to use his magic and crossbow in combat.


While Ivo has no natural knowledge of how to use, or skill with the use of armors, either heavy or light, he is capable of using it through the magic of his Groth ring. Initially Groth had bestowed upon him a set of breastplate armor that Ivo wore for some time, but as Ivo realized the incredible power the ring possessed he desired an upgrade. Spending almost the entirety of his cash supply, Ivo purchased for himself an improved set of plate armor as well as an adamantine shield, making him an incredibly durable member of the party despite being a sorcerer.


Ivo has acquired several items throughout his adventures, both standard and magical in nature. Most of them are just standard utilities, such as potions and a map, while others are items he has carried with him throughout his adventures, and have become invaluable tools combined with his particular set of skills.

Ring Immovable Rod 500 Foot Rope
A seemingly standard metal ring rests on Ivo's left middle finger. To the naked eye, it is mostly just a standard decorative ring, but in reality, it serves as his spellcasting focus. In a pinch, he is usually able to convince others that it is a magic item that allows him to cast a single spell. To The Stampede, he claims that it allows him to create minor illusions. Ivo's immovable rod is an item that has been in his possession since the beginning of his travels, and has helped make him into an exceptional mountain climber given its ability to serve as a nearly infallible anchor. That, combined with his 500-foot rope, has made him exceptional at climbing. Ivo has also managed to use his immovable rod in certain combat situations, such as the fight with Enoch in which he used it to prop himself up. Ivo carries with him a spool of rope, as thin as a fishing line but as strong as a steel cable, 500 feet long. In addition, the rope is enchanted and is capable of responding to Ivo's commands, to a certain extent. It is too slow to bind an enemy in combat, but it is capable of moving on its own, and binding itself to objects. After a mishap in which Ivo pressed it against the magic book, combined with his very poor knowledge of arcana, Ivo believes his magic rope to be sentient.
Guitar Government-issued Map Many Handed Pouch
A standard wooden guitar Ivo keeps on his person during his travels that he uses to entertain himself and his party members whenever the time is right. He most notably used it during the Championship of Champions' musical competition, in which he took second place. With his winnings from the Championship of Champions, Ivo purchased a fairly standard map, issued by the Emorian Government, in order to get a better idea of the countries geography, seeing as how despite being born in the empire he was a foreigner in it. After the Championship of Champions, and a convincing sales pitch from a particularly charismatic pouch salesman, Ivo purchased a set of ten "many handed pouches", which all shared the same relative area of space. Basically, this allowed Ivo to have a shared "inventory" of items with a group of up to ten people. He gifted one to Vylqwyn in order to communicate with him from afar after agreeing to visit the military base on his behalf, and he later gave one to each member of The Stampede once it became clear that they were stuck with each other.
Infinite Coin Pouch Poppers Cigam Amulet
Ivo, along with the rest of The Stampede, purchased an Infinite Coin Pouch after the Championship of Champions in order to store his winnings. He carries it with him to this day, the storage of all his wealth. After the Championship of Champions, Ivo purchased ten pebble-like magic devices from the Cigam shop capable of creating an audible "pop" when thrown to the ground. He has since used these as a diversionary tool to cast his minor illusion and fog cloud spells, passing them off as smoke bombs, or just regular bombs. A green-tier amulet representing Ivo's role in the Cigam. It grants him access to a Wizard's spell book, and contains several additional perks bound to the amulet itself.
Groth's Ring Potion of Healing Cli Lyre
After fighting Groth and not dying, Ivo and the rest of his party received rings capable of telepathically communicating with Groth anywhere in the world, and designed to encourage the specific wearer to act against their nature. For Ivo, typically a cautios individual, Groth's ring provides him with great strength and reaction time when he does something brave. Additionally, it allows him to wear a full set of armor. Ivo tends to keep at least two potions of healing on him at all times, whenever possible. As someone who greatly despises taking any kind of damage, they usually don't last very long. A gift from Xander Zulu in preparation for the fight against Furari Domin, the Cli Lyre is a special guitar that grants Ivo several once per day spells he can cast, as well as making it harder for enemies to resist charm magic.

Additional Skills & Languages


While he only recently became a Bard, Ivo is a skilled guitar player, as evidenced by his performance in the Championship of Champions. This is a skill he picked up as part of a broader habit of telling stories to entertain, and ultimately fit in, with his Giant peers.

Growing up in the mountains meant that learning how to climb them was a necessary skill, especially when the local architecture - designed for Giants - towered over him. As such, Ivo is a skilled mountain climber even without the use of his magic rope or immovable rod, each of which has elevated his ability to do so tremendously.

Though he is no master of survival, Ivo's lifelong friend Klever was a proficient Hunter, and so Ivo was able to learn many basic survival skills from him. Ivo can hunt, start fires, set up camps, lay traps, navigate through forests or hills, and generally find ways to survive in the wilderness.

Ivo spent his entire life hearing that he needed to keep his strange magical abilities a secret, that he - and everyone else he knew - could be killed just for his having them. Still, the abilities were much too useful to just ignore, and so growing up Ivo learned how to lie and hide his abilities the best he could. All of this deception has helped shape him into a particularly effective liar, which is only aided by his charismatic nature.


Ivo speaks four languages fluently:
  • Common: As he was raised by a Human family, Ivo has spoken Common his entire life, and it is the language he speaks most often. Or, rather, commonly. Because that's why it's called Common.
  • Mountaineer: As he was raised in the Giant kingdom, Ivo also speaks fluent Mountaineer, a necessary skill in order to interact with the Giants - and to a lesser extent the Dwarves - who surrounded him.
  • Gnomish: While in school Ivo made the choice to study the Gnomish language, despite the intimidating use of the letter "G". Still, it's a skill that has aided him well on certain occasions.
  • Primordial: The strangest language in his arsenal, Ivo can speak fluent Primordial, as well as four of its dialects, without having ever studied it. It's just something he's always known how to speak, and is a part of his own personal mystery.