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The Praetorians are the Emperors elite guard and each holds their own role in the working of the Empire. Traditionally there is only 1 set of Praetorians, but since Emperor Vagran came to power, Lord Luman also created his own set of Praetorian guards.

Praetorian Guards


  • Enoch Crimm "The Brute" - Right hand man to Vagran
  • Tymm Murus "The Wall" also known as "Tiny Tymm" - The Emperors bodyguard
  • Sien Ars "The Muse" - Master of Sciences
  • Pecun Lamna "The Banker" - Master of Coin
  • Judis Dator "The Judge" - Master of Justice
  • Malum Castus "The Watcher" - Master of Planning
  • Hans Olo "The Fish" - Master of Navies
  • Furari Domin "The Shadow" - Master of Thieves


Lord Luman has his own set of Praetorian Guards


  • Tafo Skavo "The Gravedigger"
  • Veri Tas
  • Eri Mos