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The Order of Cigam is the group that controls magic in the world. It is believed that magic is far too powerful to be left unchecked, so the Cigam moderate and control who can use magic, and magical items.

There are several ranks within Cigam, which you can move between by completing training.

  • Order of Black
  • Order of Red
  • Order of Orange
  • Order of Yellow
  • Order of Green
  • Order of Blue
  • Order of Violet
  • Order of White

Cigam have split magic into 10 different schools

  • Non-magical studies
  • Magician studies
  • Sorcerer studies
  • Magus studies
  • Warlock studies
  • Wizard studies
  • Druid studies
  • Musician studies
  • Paranormal studies
  • Diatomic studies