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Formerly the "Three Little Pigs", Illy bough the condemned building and turned it into a 5 star hotel.

As the Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs in was the contact point for the party to gain access to the Third Hand. It is a normal tavern on the surface, but it houses a secret access to an underground Third Hand base. On their first trip to Strassburg, The Stmapede performed a jail break in order to be welcomed into the organization, before promptly killing the crime boss Don Atello and plundering the stores of gold. After this event, the tavern was condemned and became abandoned.

Becoming the Ivory Crest

Upon their return to Strassburg many months later, the party returned to the tavern to find it condemned. This didn't stop them from entering the underground base for a safe place to stay. The following morning, Illy went to the town hall to buy the building and began to turn it into a 5 star establishment "The Ivory Crest". The underground base then became used for The Stampede as a personal space to stay.