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The party has travelled through many towns and cities on their journey. All places they have visited are listed below.


A small town, and the place of the first Championship of Champions where they first met.


The location of the wrecked military camp where they found the first God Artefact.


A town on the river that sees a lot of boat traffic, as such there are many inns. The Stampede settled a business dispute between several of the taverns here.


A large city and the capital of southern Emoria. It is the birthplace of David Evans.


A town on the river that was in the midst of an evacuation from border towns due to the Gnome invasion.


The hometown of David Evans. It had already been taken over by the Gnomes before the party arrived.


Another town in control by the Gnomes. It also housed a PoW camp that the rest of teh party managed to rescue Evans and Tafo from.


The town museum housed one of the Daggers of Naurel that Illy stole.

Little Rock

The hometown of Ivo Arend. It is a human settlement in Giant territory.

Big Rock

The Giant town that lies next to Little Rock. It has an impressive wall surrounding it.


The capital of the Giant Kingdom. It was here that the party first met Cane.


A port town on the west coast of Emoria. The islands of its coast were sunk, and the party gained their reputation as dragon slayers by killing the being that caused this.

Paulinsvale & Hommlet

Two small villages in the north of Emoria. The hiding place of Federick von Moonshine and his operations. The Stampede put a stop to this and were graduated to Green Robed Cigam.


The capital of Emoria. The party had the pleasure of meeting Emperor Vagran and many of his Praetorian Guards.


The capital city of the Dwarves. The crown prince tried a coup, but the party managed to stop it and keep King Burto in control.


A Dwarven town that houses the last remaining airstone factory. This makes it a point of great interest for Javid.


A location on the far west of Dwarven territory. The Stampede met with the Dwarven imperial Guard and the Giant army in order to gain their aid against the coup in Varland.