Devlin Brien
Physical Attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 155lb
Eyes Royal Blue
Hair Dark Red
Skin Pale
General Information
Player Cyan R
Class Illusion Wizard, War Domain Cleric
Level 12, 2
Hitpoints 118
Animal Handling
Sleight of Hand

Devlin Brien is currently 32 years old. He was a Sheriff in the small town of Remire, and is currently a green robed member of the Cigam.

Devlin Brien is the nephew of General David Evans, and a member of The Stampede. He met with the party shortly after his uncle left to fight the war with the Gnomes. Devlin is the Wizard of the party, and is always the one to ask whenever anything magical is happening.

Character History


Early Life
Devlin is the son of Scarlet Brien and an unknown father, he is also the nephew of General David Evans. As Scarlet was now in charge of the group home where she grew up, he was raised in the same home as his mother and uncle. He had a good relationship with both, and regularly traveled to Venycl to visit his uncle, and cousins in the Jackson family (Trent, Lauren, Rosie and Lacey)

He was friends with many of the children, but his best friend was a girl his age from the Eastern Lands named Darua Aurad. These two got up to a lot of mischief and had lots of small adventures in the surrounding area. The most notable, and also last of their adventures was a time when they decided to explore a nearby system of caves when they were 16. They had managed to get deep into the caves, but the cave was used as a base for a group of thieves who had been stealing magical items and selling them on the black market. When they were discovered, the thieves set attack dogs on them. Darua then revealed her innate magical abilities and was able to use her spells to defend them from the attack. As the thieves came back for them to attack again, a group of Cigam wizards intercepted them and were able to defeat the thieves. They had seen Darua’s abilities and invited her to join the Cigam to be trained. Darua went with them, and they have not seen each other since.

Influenced by his uncle’s career in the military, Devlin grew up wanting to do his part to help others. He moved to the town north of Riverdale named Remire, and joined the Sheriff’s office as a lawman. He then steadily rose through the ranks and became Sheriff at the age of 29.

Throughout this time in Remire, he began to enjoy playing cards in the towns saloon, and did casually enjoy betting on card games every now and then. He also befriended the towns local Cigam wizard, Duke Barrow, and took a strong interest in magic, in order to hopefully one day reconnect with his childhood friend Darua.

(Also, early during this time he learned of the death of his cousin Trent, and later the disappearance of Lauren, Rosie and Lacey, and his Aunt Lexi)

More recently in his career, Duke approached him with a request to apprehend a group of thieves who had been stealing magical items, led by a rouge wizard named Harrison Newton. Armed with the knowledge of magic he had obtained after studying it for so long, he was able to apprehend the majority of the thieves with ease, however, the rogue wizard Newton escaped.

Joining the Cigam
Because of his work taking down the thieves and his knowledge of magic,and a recommendation from Duke, he was invited to join the Cigam, which he gratefully accepted. He then met with a man named Vylqwyn, who knew of his family relation to Evans and told him to join forces with ‘The Stampede’, a group of adventurers who had also joined the Cigam recently. He believed Devlin could aid them, and they could aid him as they complete their training together. As he traveled to Kansley to meet with the group, he rode through Furklend where he met with his uncle. Evans told him the true fate of his cousins. Trent was alive and with his family in Varland, and Lexi was seemingly trapped in the Primordial Realm. The main clue to get to them was a man named Cane. He said The Stampede would be able to help find him, and passed on his quest to find the Jackson family to his nephew. Knowing his role had been passed on, Evans could return to the fight against the Gnomes.


Devlin met up with the rest of the party in Kansley, with the objective of joining them to meet Cane, though they weren't sure how to get to him just yet. So he tagged along with the group to go to Little Rock for Ivo. It was there, when Ivo was finding out information about his past, they learned that Cane would be in Durmstrong very soon. Armed with this knowledge, the party set off through the Dwarven tunnels to go to the capital of the Giants. The tunnels were fraught with danger, including some oozes that Devlin accidentally awoke, and ginormous purple worms. But the party survived and felt a lot stronger and more confident in their abilities when they emerged on the other side.

When they arrived in Durmstrong, they only wished to find a place to stay, but Illy was attacked by a strange elf. With a little haste from Ivo, Devlin was able to apprehend the attacker, and the party were able to question him. As it turns out, a large bounty was placed on whoever had stolen the dagger of the Praetorian Furari Doman, which Illy stole before Devlin joined the party. From then on, they were very careful when travelling around. Eventually they met with Cane, where they discovered that some of the party are what are known as 'Slayers', people with the ablility to negate magic. Through his conversation with Cane, Devlin learned that Trent was working for Cane to train soldiers, and Lexi was working for him to locate something. Cane also warned everybody about the power of the Gods, and the potential for another God War. He suggested that the party head to Cigam for training. The party travelled from Durmstrong to Cigam headquarters in the mountains, where they were greeted and shown their rooms before heading to their introductory classes the next day. Their first course was about the basics of magic and its different schools. After this short introductory lesson, the party graduated to Red Robes.

The party continued their lessons with their new schools of magic for some time until they were called for their graduation assignment. They were to be shrunken down to be injected inside a dragonling in order to find a bag and return with the note inside. Also if they could bring back the previous group who hadn't returned that would be a bonus. Inside the dragon, they had to contend with the dragons own immune system and a small worm infestation. It was a treacherous task, but they travelled through the dragon from the front end, completed their objective, then exited out of the back end. With their success, the party graduated to Orange Robes.

After more training and lessons, they received another graduation task. To go to the home of the instructor, and retrieve his teapot. Upon arriving in Plout, the party saw strange goings on. Islands have disappeared, the mayor has disappeared and the Cigam are being blamed. By finding a way around this problem by going to a seedier part of the docks and getting a pirate crew to take them. Upon reaching the island and searching the home they come face to face with a Dragon Turtle, who is guarding the teapot. After much deliberation, the party engage the dragon in combat and emerge victorious. They take the dragon head as a trophy, grab the teapot and return to Plout. After finding the mayor, they return to Cigam HQ and graduate to Yellow Robes.

The party is getting on in their studies and are beginning to write their thesis. Devlin chooses to write his thesis on the nature of the soul. he speaks with the head of Paranormal Studies and they talk about how feasible the soul is to study, and if it even exists at all. Armed with more knowledge on how to help his cousins, he starts work on his thesis. Partway through his writing, the party is called to do a task. Travel to Hommlet and see what is happening, as the local Cigam office reported illegal sale of magic artefacts and has stopped responding. The party travels and meets with the sheriff, and go to his home. There is an immediate sense of distrust from the locals, which makes it difficult to work. After getting into the Cigam office, Devlin finds information about activity at a nearby abandoned mansion, and life fruit. The party investigates the mansion, and they are attacked by angry ghosts! After a difficult fight, in which Devlin is briefly knocked down, they are victorious and are able to solve a quick puzzle to retrieve a set of ghost repellent equipment. The next day they follow a lead of magic items, where they find 2 villagers up to no good. When they are discovered, the 2 people kill themselves before they are captured. Going back to the sheriff, and questioning the bartender who gave the 2 villagers the package. When taking the bartender back to the gaol in the north part of town, the entire village starts to attack them. After reluctantly taking down many villagers, the sheriff Rick Grames flees the fight. Upon questioning a villager, it seems that Grames was Federick von Moonshine, the criminal they came to find. They track him to an alter in the forest, where they engage in a brutal fight against the druid Moonshine, who wild shaped into various different animals, and his summoned tree creatures. Eventually, the party wins, and Moonshine offers a bag of life fruit in exchange for his freedom. Moonshine is carrying 2 artefacts, which are identified as 'Elephants' or 'God Artefacts'. The party denies, and Moonshine is seemingly killed. The party then destroys the altar, and returns to an empty town. They all report back to Cigam HQ, where they are told that the artefacts are ones that were taken from the Gnomes a long time ago, and they should probably be returned. The party makes a short trip to Gulec to meet with the Gnome Mother Gail. They return the artefacts to her, and she is very grateful giving the ladies of the group a favour coin, and the men a Gnomish Silver Dagger. After this they all return back to finish their thesis, and graduate to Green Robes.

After many months of Cigam training, the party feel like they have progressed massively, and decide to take a break and travel to Emor. During this time they met with a number of Praetorians: Furari Domin, Pecun Lamna, Enoch Crimm, Tymm Murus and Malum Castus. Vylqywn came to meet with them in their hotel room in the Citadel of Naurel, where he told the party of what he learend. The God Rerecros was amassing an army on the western continent. A new God War may be coming to the shores of Emoria, and it may be up to The Stampede to unite the kingdoms and hold the line. Enoch also left them tickets to see Vylqwyn at the opera, where they also met Emperor Vagran. They also met an agent of the Dwarven Prince Thuris Daye who asked them to travel to Varland to help sort out a sitauation with the crown. The party accepted this task, but first they did some work for Furari Domin.

Furari asked The Stampede to travel to Madrel in the Elven kingdom, to break one of his agents from gaol. The party opted to travel over the border on foot from the northern Gnomish Kingdom, as Illy was a wanted criminal until Vylqwyn can lift that status. Meeting with another of Furari's agents, the party scouted the prison tower and decided to enter from the top and work their way down. After moving down the tower, they met with Xander Zulu, a White Robed Cigam member, and leader of the Hunters. He tested them by pitting them against three of his warriors. The party passed his test and he informed them that Furari's agent was caught smuggling God Artefact grade magic items (a detail Furari chose not to mention to the party). The party decided to move the agent ti Cigam for questioning, then make it seem like they had been chased out of the city and flee back to Cigam HQ. In preparation to confront Furari, Xander gave all the members of the party magical items to aid them. Going back to Emor, the party flew from the Citadel of Naurel to Furari's home. They did not find him there, but instead fought his agents after they wished to take the dagger back from Illy. After defeating the agents, they searched the house and found it empty, except for the second of the daggers of Naurel for Illy.

Having had enough of Emor, the party travelled to Varland to meet with Thuris Daye. He informed them of a suspected assassination attempt on Mon Daye. He took them to see Mon and to see King Burto. Burto asked for their aid to clear the mines of lava worms, which the party does. After informing the King of the suspected assassination, he informed them that Tuze Daye has a secret lab in his factory which may be linked. Mon and the party infiltrated the factory and entered the lab. The lab was identical to one the party had previously visited before Devlin joined them. Upon entering an abandoned section of the lab they found it filled with undead creatures, and an 'Elephant'. The artefact was a mirror, and was the only object left behind. Devlin inspected the mirror, and was thrown out of his body to an incorporeal form, and he was able to see his companions even though the majority of them were invisible. He managed to regain control of his body, but the mirror attuned itself to him. Knowing this, the party returned to Mon Daye's house, but he was cut off from them and killed by an unknown assailant. They reported his assassination to the King, but when they returned, the body, and every person in the house was gone. Upon going back to Tuze Daye's factory, they found the secret lab now buried under a spill of molten metal. The party questioned the other Dwarven Prince's, deducing that Thuris, Frye and Satter Daye may be behind the secret lab and the assassination, and Tuze Daye knew nothing about it or the death of Mon. Upon reporting back to the King, he suggested that the party travel to Muncill to see Sun Daye, and inform him of his promotion to Mon Daye. The party does so and finds him in the airstone factory, where they have to rescue him from being suspended in the air by airstone magic. They manage to bring him down, and inform him of the situation. As they travel through town back to the telport in Cigam, they find themselves being followed and observed by almost every person in the city. The Cigam office is empty, so Devlin studies the teleport for a moment and manages to Hardmine, just south of Varland. However, the Dwarves in this office were just as shady as those in Muncill, so they asked to be transported to Cigam HQ for official business. When they arrived, they met with Nil and explained the situation, and also asked him about the magic mirror. Nil explained that it was potentially a very old and powerful artefact. He offered to help Devlin study it further after they finish their business. They speak with the new Mon Daye, and decide to head to Strassburg and ask Lord Luman if he could house King Burto if he needs it. Luman said he would host the King if he arrives, and with that, The Stampede returned to a condemned inn named 'The Three Little Pigs', which the previous party had dealing with. He was led to an underground portion of an old Third Hand base where they stayed the night. Unbeknown to the rest of the party, Illy left early the next morning before they returned to Varland and purchased the hotel, in order to refurbish it, and make the old Third Hand base into a secret base for The Stampede. They return to Varland and stealthily make their way through the city to King Burto, as they arrive they tell the King to prepare the ship for travel. As they do, the army of guards stationed at the home of some of the Daye's attack the throne room. After a brutal battle in which the party kills over 1000 men, and having to calm King Burto from his rage, The Stampede emerge bloodied and bruised, but victorious nonetheless. It was decided that a swift counterattack was the best course of action, but for that, the King needed allies. The party travelled back to Durmstrong to recruit the Giant King to their cause. He sent the party to Est'Munt to find his son and the Giant and Dwarven armies. Upon arrival, the Giant Prince was uncertain that The Stampede was there to help, as they had received instructions bearing the former Mon Daye's seal warning that a group of adventurers were attempting to assassinate him. When it was revealed that MsK had become the new owner of that company, the Giants and Dwarves agreed to go back to Varland in service of the King. From there the party returned to the King, who sent them back to Varland in order to recruit Tuze Daye and his company. The Stampede made their way back through the city to Tuze's estate, but found it to be attacked, so they found him at his factory instead. Upon listening to their request, he sobered and armoured up, and sent all of his forces to search for Vedns Daye, and to apprehend Thuris, Frye and Satter Daye. Tuze and the party met with Mon and the King back at the throne room. Thuris was captured and brought to be interrogated. Devlin used his magic to enter the thoughts of Thuris to find out what he knew. Unfortunately he knew relatively little, but it seems the same person was behind both Elephant labs, and they recruited former Mon Daye to assassinate Burto and take over the Kingdom to prepare them for a coming war, as they believed Burto to be incapable of this role. This unnerved the party a little, as they also were told of this conflict by Vylqwyn not too long before this, and were left with more questions about Mon Daye and the mysterious General. With little more to offer them, Thuris Daye was executed, and a servant of the former Mon Daye appeared to announce that his Lord had failed and would never bother King Burto again. With this, the coup was over and King Burto had regained control of his Kingdom. As a reward, he made Devlin a gorget of runelite, an incredibly hard to work with metal that enhances his physical and magical defences. Devlin also asked for the party to be allowed access below the Throne Room, where the Tomb and Axe of Durm are said to be. Burto was confused at the request because it was incredibly dangerous underground, but it was granted. Satisfied that the danger was over, The Stampede left the King to rebuild.


Physical Description

Devlin is a 6ft tall Human with dark red hair and deep blue eyes. He has rather fair skin compared to most humans. His usual outfit consists of a blue adventuring coat over the top of sturdy tunic and trousers. He wears strong leather boots and always goes with his trusty scarf.


Devlin is very relaxed and carefree, but when it is time to do his work, he becomes very calculating and logical. He prefers to find a non violent solution to a conflict, but will not hesitate to fight when his hand is forced.

Spells & Abilities


Devlin has access to many spells from different sources. His Cigam Amulet, his spellbook and his cleric abilities.

Minor Illusion, Fire Bolt, Acid Splash, Frostbite, Mage Hand, Chill Touch

Mage Armour, Shield, Colour Spray, Sleep, Ice Knife, Catapult

Mirror Image, Web, Shadow Blade, Aganazzar's Scorcher, Dragon's Breath, Maximillian's Earthen Grasp

Counterspell, Phantom Steed, Vampyric Touch, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Tidal Wave

Ice Storm, Phantasmal Killer, Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound

Steel Wind Strike, Synaptic Static, Wall of Force, Mislead

Gravity Fissure, Chain Lightning, Tenser's Transformation

Guidance, Thaumaturgy, Spare the Dying

Shield of Faith, Divine Favour, Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Inflict Wounds, Guiding Bolt, Command, Create or Destroy Water

Message, Light, Control Flames, Toll the Dead, Green Flame Blade, Booming Blade

Feather Fall, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Identify, Silent Image, Shield of Faith, Illusory Script, Goodberry

Hold Person, Alter Self, Detect Thoughts, Arcane Lock

Fly, Dispel Magic

Greater Invisibility


Arcane Recovery Improved Minor Illusion Malleable Illusions
Once per day, Devlin can regain spell slots equal to half his wizard level during a short rest. Thanks to his prowess in illusion magic, Devlin can cast minor illusion at will, and create both an image and a sound simultaneously. Devlin can change the parameters of his already existing illusions that last a minute or longer.
Illusory Self Turn Undead Guided Strike
Once per rest, when under attack, Devlin can create an illusory copy of himself to take the attack for him. Thanks to his cleric training, Devlin gained the ability to make any undead creature flee from him. Devlin has the ability to empower his attacks and guide his attacks to find a weak point on his enemy.

Weapons & Armor


As a wizard, Devlin did not carry many weapons, but he has recently picked up some weaponry.

Deck of Cards Titan Tooth Claymore Axe of Asch
A normal deck of cards. While not a weapon in itself, Devlin uses his illusion magic to make it seem like he throws one of these cards when he casts magic. Devlin's backup weapon of choice, forged from the tooth of an Elder Dragon. It is well built for structural damage. An axe he picked up from inside the dragonling at Cigam. It is decorated with a playing card motif. It's power is great, but may be turned against Devlin if he uses it.
Ebenezer's Warhammer Gnomish Silver Dagger Champion's Greatbow
A light emitting warhammer Devlin and the party found at the abandoned mansion in Hommlet. It has the power to blind any person who attacks him. A silver dagger gifted to him by the Gnomish Queenmother. It has a mechanism that enables the blade to fire from the hilt. A strong bow that requires some strength to wield. This bow packs quite a punch, and is able to fire javelins.


Devlin is not a user of any sort of armour, but is able to magically enhance his defences.


Eldritch Scarf Cigam Robes & Amulet Hunter's Gloves
Devlin's trusty scarf. It is made of pitch black fabric, and items can be placed in it like a bag of holding. The Green Robes and Amulet Devlin owns from his Cigam training. They have a variety of useful effects that aid him greatly. A pair of black leather gloves gifted to him from Xander Zulu. They are magically enchanted to greatly enhance his strength.
Pouches Imago's Mirror
Devlin owns a many handed pouch to allow him to share a bag with the Stampede. He also owns an infinite coin pouch to hold his money. An 'Elephant'. One of many God Artefacts in the world that allows Devlin to leave his body and move around in the mirror realm. It also allows him to see things as they are with truesight. While in this form, he can travel 1000x his normal speed. He can also force another person into the mirror realm if he chooses.

Additional Skills & Languages


Because of his study in magic working alongside Duke in Remire, Devlin has a good understanding of the arcane.

Devlin enjoys researching history, and as such is able to recall details of the past.

Beacuse of his work as an Sheriff, Devlin is a proficient investigator, and is quite insightful to the motivations of others.

During his Cigam training inside the dragonling, he gained an understanding of basic medicine.

Before joining Cigam, Devlin was not interested in learning about military equipment such as armour and weapons. HOwever during his training, and armed wioth the knowledge of a coming conflict, Devlin chose to train and learn how to wield these items for the future.


  • Common: Raised in Emoria, Devlin speaks common.
  • Elvish: As part of his studies, Devlin learned Elvish
  • Celestial: When he was beginning to study magic, Devlin learned the ability to understand Celestial
  • Mountaineer: Devlin learned Mountaineer during his studies.