David Evans
Type Former Player Character
Player Cyan r
Character Information
Name David Evans
Race Human
Class(es) Samurai Fighter
Background Soldier
Sex Male
Age ~65-66
Alignment Lawful Good
Family Devlin Brien (nephew)
Affiliations The Stampede (founder, former)
South Emorian Army (General, current / commandant, former)
Place(s) Strassburg
Languages Common, Gnomish
Status Alive
Level 6

David Evans is an original member of the adventuring party known as "The Stampede". He primarily serves as the tank of the party. He began adventuring in order to avenge the death of his son, and find the family he sent away.

Character History


Born in Strassburg to Jeffrey and Susan Evans. David’s life was seemingly uneventful, but when he was 13 years old, both his parents died in a workplace fire, and he was moved to a group home in Riverdale. As the eldest in the home, he took it upon himself to protect and care for his new younger siblings (Reid Banner 9, Ivan Griffin 8, Lexi Birch 4, Tristan Birch 4, and Scarlet Brien 2). This protective attitude ultimately led to his career in the military.

The majority of Evans’ military career was spent on the southern Emorian border with the Gnomish Kingdom. These posts led him to become fluent in the Gnomish language. His prowess in battle and sought after leadership skills eventually landed him a promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel of a garrison in the town of Venycl at the age of 42.

While in command at Venycl, he met Trent Jackson, a military soldier who he mentored as his second in command. David and Trent became incredibly close, forming a Father-Son like bond with each other, and when Jackson had a family, Evans grew close to them too, wife Lauren Jackson, and daughters Rosie Jackson (Little Lion) and Lacey Jackson (Little Flower).

At the age of 54, Evans and his squad, including Trent Jackson, were assigned to guard the military payroll as it made its journey to the next garrison. On this journey however, the payroll was ambushed by the Third Hand. The small squad of soldiers was no match for the sheer number of criminals, and everyone else in his squad was killed. Evans would have been killed too, if not for Trent Jackson. Jackson shielded Evans with his own body as a volley of arrows rained down, severely wounding Evans and mortally wounding Jackson. As the Third Hand made off with every last bit of the payroll, Evans cradled Jackson in his arms as he died, and he vowed revenge on the Third Hand.

Evans blamed himself for his foster son’s death, so began to provide for the family to amend his fatal mistake. He gave them spare gold to buy necessities, and used his influence to get the girls well educated. (The family thought there was nothing to forgive, but that didn’t stop him caring for them.)

Eventually Evans was promoted to Commandant, giving him free reign over the garrisons in the south, however a lot of the time he chose to stay close to Venycl in order to watch over the Jackson family, because unbeknownst to others, the family had a secret. They secretly worshipped a religion, and should anyone find out, Evans was ready to protect the family, whatever it takes.

One night, 5 years ago, Lauren came to Evans, worried that others had found out about their worship of a religion. He offered the family shelter in his own home for the night. It was wise for him to do so, as the Jackson house was ransacked the same night by people searching for illegal religion worship. Seeing this, Evans helped them escape. He aided Lauren (39), Rosie (17) and Lacey (10) onto a river boat and paid the captain to take them to his sister Lexi in Strassburg. Any attempt by Evans to contact either the Jacksons or Lexi have been met with no reply, and he grows increasingly concerned over their safety.

At the age of 65, Evans retired from active duty and he now travels in order to avenge the death of his squad, and to search for the Jacksons and his sister.


Evans made an appearance at the Championship of Champions for two reasons. So he could attempt to find more information where to find his family, and to keep up his training. During the final rounds he joined together with other adventurers, and they would eventually become known as "The Stampede". When the contest had finished, he and his new allies took a job to investigate a secret military compound near the town of Torrig, on behalf of a man they met at the contest named Vylqwyn.

Near Torrig, the party investigated the compound to find that experiments had been going on that seemed to try to combine humanoids and dragons. In the compound, the party discovered a strange artefact that seemed to be incredibly powerful. The artefact was dubbed "The Elephant".

The Stampede then journeyed towards Strassburg, through the town of Berwin. In Berwin they got themselves muddled up in a business war between various taverns in the town. In the end, they managed to help resolve the conflict, and in the process, he gained a 1/3 of 1% share in the new business deal.

The Stampede eventually arrived in Strassburg, and the first thing Evans did was attempt to find his sister Lexi. He went to the tailors shop where she worked, but the store workers there said that she had not been here for several years. Disheartened, he rejoined his allies.

In The Three Little Pigs Inn, the party had a chance to get close to the Third Hand in the city. The leader of the Third Hand in Strassburg gave them an initiation challenge; to recieve a note hidden in a cell in Strassburg prison. The party accepted this challenge, and successfully got themselves arrested, and broke out of the prison with the aid of a new ally they met inside. With that, the party successfully infiltrated the Third Hand. He also gained more information he needed for his vengeance. Coordinating with Vylqwyn and an archivist in the Third Hand headquarters, he learned that the man responsible for the death if his son was Michael Angelo, the Third Hand leader in Durmstrang.

Before they made a move on the Third Hand, Vylqwyn tasked the party with learning more about the Elephant. He was sure that it was a "God Artefact", an object of incredible power. The Elephant seemed to have the ability to transfer powers and memories from one person to another. They went to the Strassburg library where they completed a series of challenges, before a high ranking member of the Cigam named Mitis allowed them into the archives below the city. In the archives they came across some books that appeared to be related to the Gods, however they were guarded by the giant spider Telam. They managed to reason with her and they were allowed to borrow one of the books. They brought it back to Vylqwyn, who revealed himself to be a high ranking member of the Cigam order. He gifted each memebr of The Stampede with a magical necklace that allowed them to cast spells, and inducted them all into the Cigam Order.

The book itself is extraordinary. When asked a question, it will reveal the answer to you, provided the answer is known by it. Evans asked it questions related to his family and their whereabouts, and the information her received was startling. Trent Jackson had been resurrected and was currently with the rest of his family in Varland, the capital of the Dwarvish Kingdom. It is unknown how or why he was resurrected, but the book also revealed that his sister Lexi was in two places, one in Varland, and also stuck in the Primordial Realm, and was scrying on something in Strassburg. With this new knowledge, Evans has a renewed hope for finding his family.

Now it was time to deal with the Third Hand, after a bit of debate, The Stampede trampled into the Third Hand throne room, and initiated combat with Don Atello, the leader in Strassburg. After a brutal fight, they managed to kill Don Atello and looted the treasury. On top of this, they framed a rival organisation, The Five Crowns, for the crime, letting them get away with ease.

With that out of the way, there was the small matter of what to do with The Elephant. Vylqwyn proposed a trade, they give the Elephant to him for safekeeping, and he will gift them each with objects that will help them all with their quests. They agreed to this trade, and Evans revieves a new weapon, Eliath's Claw.

After shopping around to get rid of some of the money they just stole, The Stampede met with Lord Luman, where it seemed the Gnomes were picking up hostiities. After being kicked in the shin by a gnome, Luman promoted him to General and gave him a new assignment; Travel to Venycl and help defend the border from Gnome attacks. General Evans accepted this and he and The Stampede travelled back to his home.

On the way down river to Venycl, the party travelled through Furklend, where there seemed to be mass evacuations going on. After speaking to an Emorian soldier, they found out that Naykan had been sacked and that Venycl could be next. They were forced to get a smaller boat for the remainder of the journey, but the boat was too small for the river rapids. The boat was damaged and the party had to continue on foot. On the way they were ambushed by a group of gnomes who they swiftly defeated, and met a man named Tafo Skavo. Tafo joined them on their journey south to Venycl.

As they neared closer, they heard the sound of battle. The Emorians were being routed by the Gnomish army and their heavy artillery. The Stampede flanked the army and managed to defeat them, at the cost of many Emorian soldiers. Speaking to the last remaining Lieutenant, Evans learned that Venycl had been evacuated and the civilians were fleeing north along the west side of the river. The battle here had been an attempt to divert the gnomes east. He sent the remaining soldiers west to help with the evacuation effort, while he and the stampede kept heading south towards Venycl.

After crossing the river, they heard more cannons to the south west. Concerned that the civilians were being chased down by the gnomes, the party went to investigate. The civilians, and what remained of the Emorian army were under attack, so The Stampede went to employ the same tactic, flank the heavy artillery and take it out. They moved south through the forest and picked off a few gnomes manning the cannons, but it was clear that more gnomes were heading north, and about to catch up to them. General Evans called the order for the party to fall back, and they retreated back up through the forest. Half the party managed to evade the gnomes, unfortunately, the Gnomish cavalry caught up to some of the party and recognised Evans as a General. As they circled back to surround him, Ivo cleared some of the cavalry in an attempt to give them both an opening to escape.

Evans however, had no intention of escaping, as he knew the gnomes would not give up the chase until he was caught, and he did not want to put the rest of the party in danger. He handed Ivo his Lionflower katana, and told him to run. As his remaining allies fled from the gnomes, he and Tafo surrendered themselves to the gnomish army, and he was taken prisoner. There he stayed for a few days until the rest of the party tracked him down, and Ivo traded one of his two Praetorian Coins for his freedom. This entire oredeal made Evans reevaluate his commitments, and he realize that he could no longer travel with The Stampede, his duty was to the quest he was given by Luman. And so he and they party split ways.

After the next Championship of Champions, Evans was stationed at the Donjon in Strassburg with Lord Luman when it came under attack from unknown assailants. Everyone present, with the exception of Luman and Vylqywn are assumed dead. His current status is unknown.

After the Passions which had Temp become the newest Jack, Devlin learned the spell 'Sending' from his friend Darua. He used this spell to attempt to contact Evans. Evans revealed that he is in fact alive and with Luman in Ggogg in the southern Gnomish Kingdom. He also warns not to contact him again as it allows the enemy to find them.

After The Stampede had visited the Statue of Draziw, they returned to Strassburg in order to pass through the enemy lines to reach the south. Evans met up with Devlin and the party. Evans was gravely wounded, missing a leg and a few fingers and quite badly burned on one side. He was given a Ring of Regeneration from Devlin to aid in his recovery. It was a brief catch up as the Stampede needed to move quickly to reach the southern continent, but he was happy to see his former allies and his nephew again.


Physical Appearance

Evans is an imposing figure, 6'2" and muscular, thanks to his years and years of rigorous military training. His greying hair is short and he has rough stubble. He often has a stern look which may make him unapproachable to some people.


After years of seeing more battle than any one person should, Evans has a tough outer shell, appearing to be grizzled and cynical. When not in the midst of battle however, he is a kind person, and very protective of those he cares about. The tragedies of his past would have broken a lesser man, but Evans carries on the legacy of his friend with honour, and will always see that he does the right thing.

Spells and Abilities


The necklace given to him by Vyqwyn allows him access to 3 wizard cantrips and 6 wizard spells.
  • Blade Ward
  • Lighting Lure
  • Green Flame Blade
  • Shield
  • False Life
  • Find Familiar
  • Comprehend Languages
  • Silent Image
  • Detect Magic


Thanks to his military training, Evans has a number of skills that can aid him on combat.

Extra Attack Second Wind Action Surge
Because of his training and discipline, Evans can attack multiple times in succession. During combat, Evans can give himself a new lease of life and is able to restore some of his health. Due to his dedication and stamina, Evans can push himself to the limit in order to take another action.
Fighting Spirit
His Samurai training allows him to perceive the weakness in his enemies, and shore up his defences.



As a fighter, weapons are incredibly important to his lifestyle. He has several weapons in his arsenal.

Lionflower Katana Eliath's Claw Javelins
An ornate katana made for him upon his retirement from the military. It has a lion head tsuba, and a delicate floral pattern etched into the grip. A huge sword given to him by Vylqwyn. The blade is gilded with silver, and the pommel, a large red ruby easily larger than the average man’s fist, gleans with an internal fire. It grants Evans several unique abilities. Evans carries a number of javelins to use in combat, however he much prefers to go toe to toe with his enemies.
Quarterstaff Spear
Evans made use of a quarterstaff at the Championship of Champions, but he left it behind. Evans took a spear off a prison guard during his escape, but dumped it soon after.


Evans had a standard set of armour that he used for many years. However during the fight with Don Atello, it was scorched by a spell from one of his allies. using the funds he looted from the Third Hand, he purchased an enchanted set of armour. It is highly defensive, and it has the ability to let him move across water as if he was on dry land. It is crafted from fine steel with a gold trim, and it has the insignia of his squad stamped onto it.

The insignia of Havoc Squad

He also has a Cloak of Protection, with a General rank embroidered onto it.


Many Handed Pouch Bag of Holding Eversmoking Bottle
A magic pouch that is connected to nine other pouches. When an item is placed in a pouch, it can be accessed from any of the pouches in the set, as they all share the same inventory. A magic pouch that weighs 15 lbs regardless of its contents, but can hold up to 500 lbs worth of items. A magical item that, when opened, releases a cloud of smoke that expands by 10ft a minute up to a maximum radius of 120ft. Closing the bottle requires a command word, and then the smoke disperses after 10 minutes.

Additional Skills & Languages


Having been in the military, Evans is comfortable in driving land based vehicles, and often drove carts between posts. He is also comfortable in handling animals, especially horses that are used in the army.

Because of his long history in the military, he is well trained, so is incredibly acrobatic and athletic, despite his age. Also he has keen insight, thanks to his discipline as a Samurai.

Because of his stern and cynical appearance, he is often found to be intimidating to others. Evans knows this and has often used this to his advantage.


  • Common: As a human living in the southern capital, he has spoken Common all his life.
  • Gnomish: Years of serving in the Gnomish border in the south, Evan learned how to speak gnomish for negotiations, and to read intercepted messages.


  • The character is influenced by warriors from other games Cyan has played. The most notable of these influences are Varok Saurfang from the MMO 'World of Warcraft', and Revan from 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic'
  • He's very good at integral and differential calculus; He knows the scientific names of beings animalculous; In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral he is the very model of a modern Major-General