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Welcome to th Clan Quest Wiki! From here you can find information about Clan Quest quickly and easily! All our members are encouraged to contribute, making this a truly collaborative project!

Using the Wiki

Navigating the Wiki is easy. Blue text, is a link to a page on the Wiki, and red text, is a link to a page that hasn't yet been created. Easily navigate the Wiki by using these links!

If you want to search for something specific, you can use the site-wide search bar to find relevant Wiki pages.

Getting Started

Once on our Wiki, a good place to start is creating your userpage. This page is yours and you can make it whatever you want. We've created a guide to help.

If you've created your userpage and want to help, create pages that are missing. These can be pages that are currently "red links", or pages you've linked to in your userpage that don't yet exist. If you're reading any page and see an error, please update it! Remember: if you can do something on the Wiki, you are allowed to.

Creating on the Wiki

Creating a page on the Wiki is simple! If you click on any red link on the Wiki, it will automatically start creating a new page for you. Just write your content, click save changes, and you're done!

But what if you want to create a page that no one has linked to yet? Well, you can do that too! The easiest way to do this is to just write the name of your new page below and hit enter!

Editing on the Wiki

Everyone with a Clan Quest account can edit pages on our Wiki! Every page has an "Edit" and "Edit Source" button in the top right corner, just click one and get started! Remember, if you can edit a page, then you are allowed to!

But wait, why are there two different edit buttons? What's the difference between them? Simply put:
  • "Edit" is simpler to use and easier to learn, but
  • "Edit Source" allows for more precise and complex formatting, but is harder to use

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to volunteer in a greater capacity, please contact Sirapyro through the website, or ping him on Discord.


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It’s June 1 in the RuneScape world & guess what that means? No you don’t get a free spin! It’s the June issue of Questaholic. Time to read! Time to Help! Time for Opinions!

This Day in Clan Quest

Having been founded in November 2009, Clan Quest has had a long history. Much of that history has been recorded to our timeline, and here you can find interesting facts or historical events day-by-day!

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