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"Templates", in Wiki terms, are pieces of text that allow you to insert complex coding onto your page with ease! They allow you to do something as simple as italicize your text, or as complicated as creating an infobox on the side of your page just by filling in a form. There are over a hundred templates on our Wiki, but on this page we have listed just a few of the templates that are useful to people editing, and excluded all of the more management-specific ones.

Citation Templates

You've probably read Wikipedia, you've seen the little "[1]" (or other number) next to a statement they make. That's a citation, which you can use to easily cite your sources. This is useful if you're writing about something historical or otherwise factual, and you want to link back to the source in an unobtrusive way. These templates help make doing that easier.


This is the main "reference"/citation template, and was set up as a slightly cleaner way of setting up your references.

How to use it:
  • {{Ref|(link)}}, where "(link)" is replaced with a Wiki-formatted link to a webpage. For example, "[https://clanquest.org/]". This should be placed immediately after what you want to reference. The reference number will be generated automatically.


When inserted onto a page, this template generates a list of all references on that page. Typically you would put this at the bottom of your page, so that readers can have a visual representation of all the references above. The template also lets you specify how many columns you would like to break your references list into; if you have 100 different references, then a list of 3 or more columns will look a little bit nicer than one super long list.

How to use it:
  • {{Reflist|#}}, where "#" is replaced with a number higher than 2 (this will determine the number of columns. Delete both the number and the "|" symbol to just have one column.)

Color Templates

The templates in this section are all about changing the color of your text!

General Recoloring

There are two ways to recolor your text to fit your needs: You can use the master "Color" template, which lets you choose any color you want based on HEX color codes, or you can use a specific template designed to recolor your text to a specific color. The first option is more versatile, but the second in easier and quicker to use.

How to use it:
  • {{Color|#(color)|(text)}}, where "(color)" is replaced with the 6 digit HEX code of the color you want your text, and "(text)" is replaced with the actual text you want to color.
  • {{Red|(text)}}, where, again, "(text)" is replaced with the text you want to recolor.

There are 18 different color-specific template options you can choose from:

Name Color Name Color Name Color
{{Black|(text)}} {{Blue|(text)}} {{Brown|(text)}}
{{Cyan|(text)}} {{Dark Grey|(text)}} {{Green|(text)}}
{{Grey|(text)}} {{Light Blue|(text)}} {{Light Grey|(text)}}
{{Lighter Blue|(text)}} {{Lime|(text)}} {{Magenta|(text)}}
{{Orange|(text)}} {{Pink|(text)}} {{Purple|(text)}}
{{Red|(text)}} {{White|(text)}} {{Yellow|(text)}}

Background Color

If you want to add a background color to your text, or in other words "highlight" it, you can do that! There aren't as many options for this as there are for recoloring text, so you will need to provide a HEX color code in order to operate this one.

How to use it:
  • {{Highlight|#(color)|(text)}}, where "(color)" is replaced with the 6 digit HEX code of the color you want, and "(text)" is replaced with the text you want to highlight.

Usergroup Colors

If you've been on our forums or our Discord, you will have noticed that different members have different colored names. These are representative of their rank in the Clan, or their Guild: Yellow are Clan Councilors, Red are Guild Councilors, Blue are Honor Councilors, Green are Editors, and Cyan are Moderators. There are a number of templates on the Wiki that let you color your text to match the exact colors of those roles, typically for administrative purposes.

How to use it:
  • {{(color name)|(text)}}, where you should replace "(color name)" with one of the names below, and "(text)" is what you want recolored. The different options are listed below.
    • "CCouncilColor" will recolor text to the Clan Council yellow, Like this.
    • "EditorsColor" will recolor text to the Editors green, Like this.
    • "GCouncilColor" will recolor text to the Guild Council red, Like this.
    • "HCouncilColor" will recolor text to the Honor Council blue, Like this.
    • "ModeratorsColor" will recolor text to the Moderators cyan, Like this.

Infobox Templates

If you've ever used a Wiki - be it Wikipedia or Wikia/Fandom, you've probably seen various "infoboxes", typically on the right side of a page, that display shorter, more statistical information about a topic. If the page was about a character on a TV show, for example, it might show their picture, list how many episodes they've been in, the actor who plays them, etc. You can set up something similar on the Clan Quest Wiki, and we even have some pre-set up!


The Userbox is what we call the infobox specifically designed for your userpage. It's been set up with a ton of optional lines that you can choose to fill in or leave blank, all in the name of creating an organized way of letting people know who you are! We have written a detailed guide on how to use this template as part of the larger userpage guide, which you can find here.

Redirect Templates

Symbol Templates

Text Formatting Templates