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Welcome to 2022! With the Advent Calendar, we ended 2021 on a high, but as the new year gets going, there are a few loose ends to wrap up.

First of all, charity! We have closed donations on the campaign, with a total raised of $1001.40! While this is slightly less than last year, it hit our $1000 goal. This money goes straight to charity: water, which will use it to fund clean water projects in developing countries. Thanks to everybody who generously donated their time and/or money for this great cause.

As a thank you, we decided to give you all a little bonus, and we put together an actual bonus day for this Advent Calendar, featuring Darkestnight and Not Cameron playing through Violet is Blue to end the season on a wholesome note. Check it out right here.

One of the milestones we hit is $750, which means we are revealing all the recipes and pictures from the Christmas cook-off. The page is very much still work in progress, but you can get a preview here. We will post in Discord when the page is fully ready, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally, we had a contest for the best clip made during the Advent Calendar. We had many memorable moments such as sudden heart failures, a funny situation, and Sir Owen finally getting the attention he deserves. The runner-up for the best clip is a surprise, but the following clip we deemed to be the best of all:

As Kebabthief managed to capture this moment in all its glory, he gets one month of Discord Nitro on us. Miss Alaska also managed to clip part of the event, and instigated the whole situation, so we have decided to make it a shared first place, and also give Miss Alaska a free month of Discord Nitro. Congratulations to both!

Finally, we would like to ask everybody to share their feedback. Whether you contributed or just followed along, let us know what you thought, good or bad. You can leave your feedback with Cireon by DMing him on Discord or on the offsite. Nevertheless, we couldn't have done this with the backing of the amazing contributors and content creators, so make sure to let them know if you like what they've been doing.

With that, we have a wrap on this amazing event that's been worked on for several months. Now it's time to put our sights on 2022. Hopefully you will join us on the journey throughout this year with many more events and fun creations.

The Advent Team
Choto 3000, Cireon, Darkestnight, Questcaping, Shane, Xurdones