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Questcaping, known in real life as Fenn and elsewhere online as fennric, is -- first and foremost -- a noob.

He has been a member of Clan Quest since January 2017, and since then has contributed a bunch of things to the clan, I guess.

He currently holds a position on the clan's Moderator and Content Coordinator teams, as well as the RS Guild Council and Chess Guild Council. He also manages Clan Quest's Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as moderating and regularly streaming on the Clan Quest Twitch channel.

He formerly held a position on the RS Honour Council, plus the now-obsolete Low Council, Content Editors and Event Thugs United. Most importantly, though, Questcaping once held the prestigious title of Head of Hoodian Council, until he tragically lost it to Xenon in a rigged election followed by a duel.

When writing the first version of this wiki page, Questcaping bemoaned how bad he was at writing wiki pages. Sadly, this has not changed.

Pre-Clan Quest: The Noob Years

Questcaping (then known by a completely different, significantly less questy name) was born in Sydney, Australia in 1996. He managed to survive a good deal of his childhood there, but his family finally fled the drop bears and moved to London, England in 2004.

Four years later, in 2008, the oldest of Questcaping's younger brothers introduced him to a game called RuneScape. Questcaping was hooked on the game very quickly. He recalls fond memories from this period of his brother (combat level: 27) leading him (combat level: 14) through the F2P Wilderness, hoping desperately that neither of them would be eaten by a wild revenant.

All four childen in the family would end up playing RuneScape to some degree. It came to be quite a family activity: Questcaping recalls the launch of the Dungeoneering skill, and running four-man Dungeoneering parties with his brothers. When not on the computer, their interest in the game persisted; they would play a very rudimentary pen-and-paper version of Dungeoneering, or in winter, play an approximation of Stealing Creation in this strange English thing called "snow".

while Questcaping's brothers have dabbled in Old School RuneScape in recent years, Questcaping is the only one the one to have stuck with the main game.

Questcaping took an early interest in RuneScape lore. The late-2008 release of While Guthix Sleeps, RuneScape's first grandmaster quest, was far more than enough to draw Questcaping's attention. While the hefty requirements were far out of his reach for the time being (he would not complete the quest until almost a decade later), there was more than enough to intrigue him regardless: mysterious strangers lurked around every corner of Draynor Village, and 2008's prehistoric version of YouTube held more than enough videos of the quest to entrance Questcaping's young mind. He stared in awe as a player's stats rocketed to 255 after touching the Stone of Jas. He watched another player scream in anguish at the deaths of characters Questcaping barely knew -- which merely served as a motivation to find out more. Questcaping trawled the RuneScape Wiki, the Lores & Histories, the Postbags from the Hedge and the God Letters to understand as much as he could about the story. Thanks to the God Letters, he came to consider himself a Guthixian very early on.

(And yes, he watched RuneScape Gods Exposed. He loved it.)

As far as quests he could actually do went, he was fascinated by the Underground Pass quest, revelling in the spookiness of it all. He was outraged by the absence of a page for the Underground Pass's blessed giant rat on the RuneScape Wiki; however, instead of adding the page personally, all he did was add a poll on his RuneScape Wiki userpage asking readers one simple question: "DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE BLESSED GIANT RAT???" Clearly, people did, since a page was eventually added to the wiki regarding this creature, and remains there to this day. Most of all, though, he became invested in the Dorgeshuun storyline, and attached to the character Zanik in particular. He has very fond memories of reading the Lores & Histories story 'The Chasm of Lights' on its release. He may or may not have had a bit of a crush.

Much later, Questcaping would discover some of his earliest RuneScape fanfiction, written in 2010. One, an atmospheric piece taking place in the Underground Pass, was submitted via email to a Jagex competition (though, sadly, it failed to win any prize). Another, a story about Zanik's adventuring career, was something he had advertised on the official RuneScape Story Forum, complete with an ASCII art banner that was ruined by font changes over the years. (Questcaping considered himself quite proficient in ASCII art, having taken a 'course' on it offered on the FunOrb forums.) However, by the time Questcaping rediscovered his fanfiction advertisement in 2017, it was too late: threads on the RuneScape forums are 'eaten' by the 'Page 51 Monster' after falling too far down the forum, and so the actual story thread it was promoting was long since lost to the sands of time.

Because Questcaping was under the age of 13 when he signed up to RuneScape, and used his real date of birth when signing up, he was unable to talk via any means other than Quick Chat up until his 13th birthday. This frustrated him a good deal, and he created several alt accounts (none of which he has been able to recover) using fake ages in order to get around this limitation. Regardless, none of them made the same progress that his main account did. In a fit of desperation, Questcaping found an unofficial wiki for RuneScape clans and created a page for the "Quick Chat Killers", hoping that he could somehow will a Quick Chat clan into existence through sheer merit of having created a wiki page for it.

It did not catch on.

Questcaping did finally turn 13 in late 2009, which had taken what felt like an eternity to reach. He celebrated on RuneScape's partner website FunOrb, a site hosting various Java games also made by Jagex, on which Questcaping played on a regular basis. (More than he played RuneScape, at times. Orb Defence best defence)

In 2011, when RuneScape's Clan System was introduced, Questcaping joined the clan Legend solely because there were a lot of people recruiting for it in the new Clan Camp. He then started just as fiercely recruiting for it himself, and refreshed the RuneScape Clan Database to watch in awe as Legend became the first RuneScape clan to hit the cap of 500 members (a memory which is not supported by available data, but bleh whatever). Questcaping came to know a few members of Legend decently well, but ultimately did not develop much of a connection with the clan.

Questcaping's RuneScape membership varied over the years. He played most frequently as a free player, but did have brief periods of RuneScape membership (in which he focused on building up his Player Owned House and hosting/attending house parties), sometimes combined with FunOrb membership. One of these periods overlapped with the release of the (then-members only) quest One Piercing Note in late 2011, which left quite a lasting impression on Questcaping at the time. His last memory of playing RuneScape on a regular basis was in 2012: he played and enjoyed the quest Stolen Hearts, before being unable to move onto the sequel quest Diamond in the Rough on account of his lack of membership.

Questcaping returned sporadically to the game in the years to follow. He saw enough of the Evolution of Combat preview videos to get excited about it, though did not actually play on its release (which, in retrospect, may have been a good thing). He played on the release of RuneScape 3, stumbled about the newly-formed Lumbridge Crater during World Event 1, and tried to sign up to The Godless instead of Saradomin or Zamorak (and, since The Godless weren't actually an option, naturally failed to do so) before giving up on participating in that World Event entirely. He got somewhat further with World Event 2, managing to sign up with Armadyl and pick up a bronze Armadylean token before getting confused and taking no further part in the event. At least he'd managed to choose the winning side.

He became aware of the newly-released God Emissaries, and that he could talk to them to align himself with one of the gods. He did not do so, though, because try as he might, he simply could not find the Emissary of Guthix. (There wasn't one. Guthix was dead. He spent a good few months wandering through the Sixth Age game completely oblivious to that fact; he ended up having that realisation slowly over time, and was really rather sad about it. RIP.)

The one World Event that he did take part in was what was then called 'World Event 3' at the time -- actually the game's 2014 April Fools' Day joke, preserved in-game to this day as Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza. Questcaping loved it, took the opportunity to sign up for The Godless (even with a perfectly good cabbage and gorilla on offer), and played as many games of it as he could. He also coerced his brothers into a good bit of F2P Dungeoneering with him around this time, just like old times.

Apart from the Easter event (for some reason), he managed to skip the year 2015 in RuneScape entirely -- probably on account of insignificant little things like finishing school and starting university that year.

2016, however, was a different story. Questcaping played on and off through most of the year, witnessing the glorious silliness that was the 'Sliske and the Chocolate Factory' Easter event, as well as participating in the statue-building event prior to God Wars Dungeon 2 (though he knew nothing about the dungeon itself). He also completed a few major quests around this time, including the infamous Mourning's Ends Part 2.

Near the end of 2016, though, Questcaping found himself starting to play RuneScape again on a far more regular basis. The decision to do so was sparked by a random thought had one day while walking home from university. The thought ran along the lines of "man, wasn't One Piercing Note great, I wish there were other RuneScape quests that were that good". On committing to do a few more of them, however, he had the pleasant discovery that... there were other RuneScape quests that were that good. In December of 2016, he finally did The World Wakes (with none of the recommended questlines complete, shame on him!), and found himself absolutely griefstricken in Ardougne North Bank thinking endlessly over everything that had just come to pass. Finally, he had witnessed the death of Guthix for himself. "Remember yourself," Guthix had said. "Forget me." Questcaping did not forget him: there and then, he keepsaked Juna's gift, formed a Guthixian outfit around it, and would continue to wear this extremely green outfit almost exclusively until early-mid 2018.

Around this time, he decided he needed a new RuneScape display name. He had held many over the years, and was presently going by "I am Fenn", but he wanted something catchier. He whittled a shortlist down to two options, both alluding to quests in some way, and finally selected "Questcaping" -- a name which he has held, barring occasional variants, ever since. He did not actually have the eponymous cape at the time, so for this period he was sure to insist that "questcaping", as a verb, was very much a work in progress.

(The other potential name from these two was Grandma Ster, an allusion to grandmaster quests. If he had gone with this, he planned to dress his character up in as close as he could approximate to a 'grandma' outfit -- on a male character, because why not. Ruminate now on this alternate timeline. Think of all the Player Owned Farm that Grandma Ster might actually have done rather than leaving his animals to ferment perpetually in the bank, solely in pursuit of the 'Granny' title.)

Now that Questcaping was playing on a far more regular basis, he decided he would need a new clan. He had clung onto Legend for quite some time out of nostalgia, but had simultaneously stayed out of the clan chat for fear of awkwardness. In early 2017, he left Legend and searched the RuneScape forum for an alternative clan. One known as 'Clan Quest' immediately jumped out to this die-hard quest lover. With a freshly-minted name like Questcaping, how could he go for any other? For his first week, he merely guested in the clan, but eventually liked it more than enough to decide to join.

And so it was that, on January 12th, 2017, Questcaping joined Clan Quest. There and then, his questy destiny was fulfilled -- but the bulk of the adventure was yet to come.

Clan Quest: The Noobier Years

Work in progress.

2017 CAH ETU/CORE events The origin of "shood" Runefest/Low Council Questcaping's Questcaping Ghost Stories of Gielinor Abbey Road competition PMod

2018 Man what did I even do in 2018 Oh yeah the Jagex visit that was a thing Also there were probably events and stuff Forum games???

In August 2018, FunOrb finally closed down

This led Questcaping to commemorate its demise with a new display name, "UnOrb PressF", which was his biggest divergence from "Questcaping" since he initially adopted the name.

Was FFFFF a 2018 thing? I think so Honour Council stint Runefest 2018 (and Head of Hoodian Council!!!) Coming out trans I guess Halloween 2018 house party

2019 The Shoodian Showdown (aka. losing HoHooC status to Xenon in a duel) Run out of Time Clan Cup 2019 idk some other stuff. the eggs thing?? RuneFest 2019 Clan Ghost story contest

2020 Few months' break (moved to Canada and got married) Monthly minigame events Added to Moderators team Menaphos Cops & Robbers Werewolf Clan Minigame Tournament 2020 (& ongoing friendship with RNC) Twitch streaming The shortlived three-weeksly Clan Wars Clan Ghost story contest 2 Advent Calendar

2021 More of the same really April Fools' Cabbage Chess Tournament & Chess Guild Clan Minigame Tournament 2021

Hey there! I'm Questcaping, or Fenn as some may know me. I'm a member of Clan Quest's RS3 Guild Council and a former member of Honour Council, as well as a Player Moderator. But most importantly, I'm also Head of Hoodian Council -- hence the hood in my avatar. Also, I'm very bad at writing wiki pages.

I've been playing Runescape since 2008 (10 year cape now claimed!) and questing has always been my main love in the game. I lived up to my username by obtaining the Quest Point Cape on September 30th, 2017; currently I'm ambling towards the Master Quest Cape (changing my title to "Master" for maximum fidelity). Also, killing Araxxor [usually Telos these days] a lot. No end to the spider squishing anima construct squishing.

I have far too many hobbies for my own good. I regularly make Runescape fanart, and have also written a story that made it into the game. I cosplayed Linza at Runefest 2017, and at the time of writing I'm working on a Lady Hefin cosplay for Runefest 2018. There will be Hefin posing. Poses aplenty. [Update: Hefin was cosplayed, and poses were posed -- a great time was had!]

Pop me a message in-game if you want to chat! I'm almost always up to talk -- unless I'm at Araxxor usually Telos these days, in which case I may well have my chat off so I don't get distracted and die...!