We had a busy streaming schedule last month, and plenty of interesting new things by all of you to share, which you can find below. As we move into May, you will find that this month we're scheduling both a chess stream to broadcast the final right to your monitor, but also a community stream. These community streams will start alternating with group questing streams every other month, and they are open for wider participation. We just closed up the survey for this month, but we will poll different options and times for the coming months. Feel free to share your ideas!

On the topic of streams: we - the content coordinators - are but a small team and therefore can't always have people watching through all streams. When streaming (especially solo streams), we're often too busy to clip outselves, so if you're watching and find something clip-worthy, please do make a clip (and don't hesitate to share it in Discord). Clips are a great way for us to drive engagement on social media and of course to share the highlights in this digest.

Finally: thank you all for continuing to share all your creations. If you have any feedback on this format (positive OR constructive), or think there is something we can do better to improve this platform, please don't hesitate to tag @Content Coordinators on Discord, or reach out privately to @Cireon.

Past Month

[Video] Perfect Hardmode Barbarian Assault Record by Rohan - Rohan and his friends manage to set the bar when it comes to fast Barbarian Assault in hardmode. Check out how they did it!

[Video] The Chosen: Season 2 Official Trailer by Sirapyro - From the City of Angels, Sirapyro shares with us the trailer for a real series on which he's been actively working.

[Essay] The Legend of Xurdtwos by Xurdones - This month in Xurdones' quest reviews we visit several underground dwelling species in RuneScape.
The Lost TribeThe Giant DwarfForgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf

[Stream] Pokémon Diamond Monotype Randomizer by Cyan R - The quest to become the very best continues as Cyan R travels to all the gyms with only water Pokémon.
Tempting fateBad punsDamn it ShiroMrs. Krabs, I trusted youGardevoir sweep

[Picture] The adventures of the Nordic Lands continues by Tyco Elf - It's already April, but that doesn't stop Tyco from sharing pictures from winter wonderland!

[Picture] Lapland by Diapolo10 - We have more than one clannie in the far north, so Diapolo showed the view from his cottage in Lapland as well.

[Picture] Guthix meme template by ACPL - Need a new meme template feature Guthix? ACPL got you covered.

[Stream] Majora's Mask Randomizer by Cireon - Fighting off the end of the world was never harder with all the items shuffled across the game world. Join Cireon trying to beat Majora's Mask Randomizer.
Money for Money, good deal hereI'd rather have had a foolDon't even careStart as we mean to go onDeadeye CireonLet there be post-itsNEVER AGAINI'm a swimming rockYou sneaky!What could go wrong?More the fool is youPrincess in a bottleRemember if you aren't blowing yourself with your own bombs you aren't using enough bombsI guess it's time you learned how to jump

[Stream] Hades by Cireon - Coming ever closer to the surface, but never quite escaping, Cireon's Hades runs continue.
Cireon the Trap Magnet has a really good idea

[Stream] Groupquesting - Shield of Arrav, Demon Slayer, and Gertrude's Cat by Questcaping - It's a blast to the past on this month's group questing stream with a collection of Varrock quests being played this time.
Varrock shall burnGertrude's Cat is a grandmaster quest actuallyJesus kittensThe most powerful kittens in existenceTraining prayer solely off Johnny the Beard1ryb goes NYOOM

[Essay] Forgotten Lore VII - The Origin of Runes by Shiro_Shana - Over at our friends at RSBANDB Informer, Shiro_Shana gives you more information of how runes came to be within the world of Gielinor.

[Stream] Skeezer by Skeezer - Looking to see one of your clannies stream Valheim? Go give Skeezer a follow over on his Twitch channel!

[Romhack] Hoodian Pokémon by Shiro_Shana - The Hoodian faith is making its way into the Pokémon games, as Shiro_Shana has started messing with the underlying code. Whatever evil shenanigans will he come up with next?

[Code] Human to cabbage by Diapolo10 - Want to translate anything you say into cabbage language, objectively the best? Try running this bit of code.

[Meme] They sure know their priorities by Denniz - What would the internet be without memes? What would the RS3 subreddit be without MTX memes?

[Essay] Ease of Procrastination by Francine - People who procrastinate can probably rate to this extract from Francine's essay.

[Essay] Sight-Reading RuneScape Boss Fights by Cireon - With new bosses released this month, Cireon takes a look at how bosses can be more dynamic by making them more readable.

[Food] Costco-sized food by Questcaping - Questcaping's visit to Costco was a real adventure, and the impression clearly kept him occupied while he made a massive amount of food. Looks tasty though!

[Food] Actual professional cooking? by Choto - Who knew we had a professional cook in our midst. It's decided, the food for Runefest 2022 is covered by Choto.

Upcoming Month


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CQ Official Logo - Shield.png Every Tuesday, 18:30 GMT: Pokémon Diamond Monotype Randomizer by Cyan R at
CQ Official Logo - Shield.png Every Thursday, 18:30 GMT: Majora's Mask Randomizer by Cireon at
CQ Official Logo - Shield.png Sat, 08 May 2021 18:00 GMT: Hades - finale by Cireon at

The following streams have not yet been scheduled, but will happen this month. Follow or make sure to listen to Streamcord announcements in #events to be notified when these go live!
CQ Official Logo - Shield.png TBD: Clan Quest community stream by Cireon and friends at
CQ Official Logo - Shield.png TBD: Clan Quest Plays Chess Finale by Questcaping at


RS3-Logo.png Sat, May 1 21:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun, May 2 17:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Heist by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sat, May 8 21:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Trouble Brewing against Rogue Ninja Civ by Questcaping and Robotwars666
RS3-Logo.png Sun, May 9 17:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Castle Wars by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sat, May 15 21:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Pest Control by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun, May 16 17:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Soul Wars by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun, May 16 22:00:00 GMT: Clan Wars against 72 by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sat, May 22 21:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Barbarian Assault by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun, May 23 17:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Conquest by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sat, May 29 21:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - Fishing Trawler by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun, May 30 17:00:00 GMT: Minigame event - The Great Orb Project by Questcaping