Exactly a month ago, we announced our new content strategy and introduced this very digest. We have been completely blown away by the response since. The epic number of creations summarised below speaks to the amazing talents we have in our clan. Make sure to keep sharing the fruits of your efforts on our #share-your-creations Discord channel for them to show up in the next digest! At the same time, we hope you're enjoying all the things your fellow clanmates are sharing. Don't hesitate to speak up and let them know you did.

At the same time as these digests, we started streaming our more regularly. We had a whopping three RS3 quest streams this month (thanks to a double quest release month), and Cireon started streaming weekly playing a Zelda Randomizer. The support you have shown on our Twitch channel has been amazing, and we've already grown beyond fifty followers! You can look forward to continued weekly streams as well, so make sure to hit that follow button and hopefully you will join us in our future streams.

Past month

[Art] Water Pokemon collection by LukeTotodile - The clue is in his name, but Luke kinda likes water Pokemon. He's pretty good at drawing them as well, if I may say so!

[Code] Order N Fibonacci sequence generator by Diapolo10 - Have you ever thought to yourself: I really need some code to generate an infinite tribonacci sequence for me. Well, search no longer, Diapolo got you covered with this Python script.

[Art] Lion drawing by Drizzin - 16 hours he spent on it, in a single session, the madman. But what an absolutely stunning drawing of an animal this is.

[Essay] Quest blog by Xurdones - A blog with an entry for every RuneScape 3 quest, as the not-yet-World Guardian Xurdtwos is playing through them. Ah, bring back all those memories. (Offsite account required.)

[Teaser] Tyco's Teaser by Tyco Elf - Far north from warm beaches and blooming trees exists a landscape where snow and ice run free over mountains, meadows and seas. In this white landscape, only those who respect and challenge Mother Nature can survive the darkest of nights. This place is known as the Nordic Lands. And somewhere, far away from family and friends, an adventurer embarks upon a new adventure which chills his very bones to this day...

[Fiction] Vulcan stormguard by Kebabthief - A human foundling is raised by the dwarven clan Stormguard. The life of this boy changes completely when a human shows up at the forge. Want to know how this story ends, the rest can be found within!

[Stream] Ocarina of Time Randomizer by Cireon - What if you took a game you know well, and switched the location of every single item in the game. That is exactly what we're exploring as part of Cireon's weekly randomizer streams. A selection of top clips can be found below, and you can also find him streaming every Thursday at 19:30 on so give the channel a follow!
Villainous Cireon unrepentantly bombs a small villageCireon vs. Evil ChickenCireon relives his past sufferingStupid RockCreative use of explosivesThe plan is simpleCireon hates chickensIt's over... We're freeMost important itemYou are a fool#BossRewardsBut wait there's moreWhere we're going, we don't need maps

[Food] Real life anime bentos by poitato - Does your mouth start to water each time you see your favourite anime characters dig into their food. Well, then you will surely appreciate these real life versions! If you want to eat them yourself though, you'll have to chase poitato for the recipe.

[Essay] Quest blog by Xurdones - What do you do when your number one character has finished all the quests, but you want to play them all again. You make character number two of course. Xurdones did exactly that, and is recording all his experiences - now on the Clan Quest wiki! Tears of Guthix
Tears of Guthix

[Stream] Heartstealer group questing Questcaping - Just in time for Valentine's Day, we got a real heartstealer of a quest. Clan Quest of course takes a look, live on stream. Fun ensues!
Some stinky fish for putrid odourCrosswords are loud

[Music] gYromAncY by gYromAncY - To mix things up (pun intended), gYromAncY shares their music with us to listen to. You can find his collection on audios, so put on your headphones and give the songs a listen.

[Picture] Flower by Choto - Between running a wine shop and serving ice cream, Choto still has time to explore his garden. One day he ran into this amazing flower.

[Art] King Kroak by LukeTotodile - Heroes can't exist without villains, and King Kroak is a villain as imaged by our own LukeTotodile.

[Stream] Stolen Hearts group questing by Questcaping - What better time of year to get smitten over Ozan than Valentine's Day. The one and only Ozan Fangirl and others take us back to this quest feating the signature hero.
OzanFanGirlHe'll never see it comingTaking Ozan on a roadtripA very crowded roofMaking Osman say things

[Essay] Forgotten Lore V - Hazeel by Shiro_Shana - Forgotten Lore found a new home at our friends from RSBANDB, and Shiro_Shana is the first to share a new bit of lore you may have forgotten about. What do you remember of Hazeel?

[Video] RS Quests Montage by Miss Alaska - Many of us questers look back at all the quest we did with much nostalgia. What better way to relive those memories than some compilation videos. Miss Alaska has put together the top moments of her alt playing through the quests the game has to offer.
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

[Food] Happy Pancake Day! by Darkestnight - On the most important holiday of the year - Pancake Day - Darkestnight shared the products of their baking efforts.

[Art] Clan Flower Pot by Taffing Spy - See the clan citadel ornaments brought to live in this beautiful isometric rendition of a flower.

[Stream] Azzanadra's Quest group questing by Questcaping - February brought us not one, but two new quests, so the usual gang jumped on Twitch to bring live coverage and commentary of this new epic quest as well.
Thanks for the cabbagesKerapack

Upcoming month


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RS3-Logo.png Sat Mar 6 21:00: Non-combat Stealing Creation with Rogue Ninja Civilization by robotwars666
RS3-Logo.png Sat Mar 6 21:00: Minigame event - Conquest by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun Mar 7 16:00: Minigame event - Shades of Mort'ton (non-spotlight) by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sat Mar 13 21:00: Minigame event - Great Orb Project by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun Mar 14 16:00: Minigame event - Flash Powder Factory by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sat Mar 20 21:00: Minigame event - Stealing Creation by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun Mar 21 16:00: Minigame event - Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza (non-spotlight) by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sat Mar 27 21:00: Minigame event - Soul Wars (non-spotlight) by Questcaping
RS3-Logo.png Sun Mar 28 16:00: Minigame event - Heist by Questcaping