On this night before Christmas, evilphan shares her memories of Christmas for all of us to enjoy!


I grew up in a non-Christian home, but we celebrated Christmas. I grew up with one older brother and 2 younger sisters. Christmas was a great time in our house. We always got to open one present on Christmas Eve and of course, my parents would point to the one they wanted us to open, and it would be new pajamas to sleep in so we would have new clothes for the morning.


We always had a real tree and decorating it was almost a party in itself. My favorite part, and still is, was to put on the tinsel. It took me forever as I put one piece on at a time. I would still be working on it way after the rest got bored and left. But the last thing to go on the tree was the topper. Since my brother was the oldest, he got to put in on every year. My mom would make hot cocoa and pecan wheels while we decorated, along with a funny musical thing that attached to the lights so the music would play, while the lights followed the music. The pinwheels were a special treat we only got like 2-3 times a year. We didn’t have money for things like that, so my mom saved where she could.


On Christmas morning, my dad was always was here and we would wake him and my mom up and they would try and get up, but it was probably early. We were allowed to go check to see if Santa had eaten any of the cookies, we left him or drank the milk. My mom would bake some just for him and we had a special plate and glass to leave the cookie on. Of course, some of the cookies would be gone and a bite out of one of them. We were so excited! Then it would be time for them to get us. My mom would make us all something hot to drink and then FINALLY we all sat around the tree. Someone would get picked (mostly my brother) to pass out gifts. We opened them one at a time so everyone could see what you got. Sometime during this, my mom would go start breakfast and Christmas dinner (if we were having it at our house). As I got older, I would go help my mom to cook. After the gifts, came our stockings. For me, this was my favorite part. We each got a special thing in it, along with a orange, apple and chocolate candy. One year I remember getting a ring that had my birthstone in it, another year tiny diamond stuff earrings. Oh and the book of lifesavers (back when lifesavers were hard candy, not jelly crud). My son’s father still somehow finds a box for my stocking every year. By then breakfast was ready. We would all eat as a family, then it was time to go play with our new stuff! Then later dinner. Then we would watch a Christmas movie and then head to bed.


This went this way up until my dad moved out. It did go the same way for the most part without him. Once I grew up, Christmas would be at someone’s house, but the morning was always and still is at home. The only difference is that we don’t live near each other, so it pretty quiet. My mom moved in with me 3 years ago, so I stayed home with her on Christmas. Last year she died on Christmas, so this year will be different. But I wont be alone, my son is home for holiday from University of Rochester, NY. I hope and pray that everyone has a happy and save holiday, whatever your holiday is!

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