This page serves as an index of all pages that are somehow important to the operation of the various functions of this wiki. It is predominantly made up of important templates. Modifying most things on this list will effect pages across the entire Wiki.


These templates controls the "Featured Page/Member" system/notification.

User Group Colors

These control the group colors (such as the one for the Clan Council) across the Wiki.

User Group Lists

These control the master lists of a usergroups membership.


These templates control various aspects of the Questaholic's formatting.

Side Boxes

These templates control various "side" boxes including info or user boxes.


These templates are used to create footers seen in the bottom of a page.


The templates used for the Wiki's voting infrastructure.

Auto Categorization

These are the templates used to automatically categorize a page.


The templates in this section control the timeline and its functions, enabling a singular timeline that automatically organizes itself depending on the page.