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Founded November 9th, 2009
Founded by Gregory Wheeler, Jamie Davies, Nicholas Kapusinski
Current Clan Council
Website Administration Staff
Countries our members are from
Member Countries Map.png
The Questing Clan of RuneScape
Guild Founded March 12th, 2018
Guild Founders Cireon, Draziw, Earth
Shane, Sirapyro
Head of Guild Council Shane
Head of Honor Council Cireon
Number of Members 460+
Old School Clan Quest
Guild Founded July 8th, 2018
Guild Founders Roadsick, Irene Angel, Ragulu
Santa Ends, Sugam
Head of Guild Council Francine1225
Head of Honor Council Prinessi
Number of Members 50+
Rocket League Guild
Guild Founded June 5th, 2019
Guild Founders Dawn, Wolffi, Shiro Shana
ProdigalGazz, Cireon
Head of Guild Council Dawn
Head of Honor Council Wolffi
Number of Members 5+
RuneScape Ironman Guild
Guild Founded May 31, 2020
Guild Founders Shiro shana, Derparnieux, Idiotonastic
Vss, Adge
Head of Guild Council Shiro shana
Head of Honor Council Derparnieux
Number of Members 10+

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