One Small Treasure Trail

*An adventurer opens his quest diary*

Adventurer: “Hmm...It seem there’s a new quest. ‘One Small Treasure Trail’. Wait...I don’t really trust quests when they have ‘One’ and ‘Small’ in the name. No way, NO WAY, I say, that I’m doing this quest!”

*One hour later at the Draynor willow tree spot*

A: “Fooooor... I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok, I sleep all night and I work all day!”
A: ♫ Da ba dee ba dee di ♪
A: “Oh man, I’m so sick of woodcutting. What could I do?”

*Muffled screams*

A: “What was that?”

*More muffled screams*

A: “’s coming...from my backpack?”

*He starts rummaging through his backpack and the screaming gets louder*

A: “Oh SliskeI knew it. Would you please, pleaaaaase stop it?”

*The screaming stops*

*Two hours later at the Rimmington mine*

A: “Clickity click, clickity click, reclickity click, click, click cl--Oh God what am I doing with my life?”
Ghostly Voice: “Adventureeeeeeeer”

A: “What...the hell…?”
Quest Diary: “I finally caught your attention! Stop mining, open me and start the new que--”
A: “For the love of Sliske, Virgil! I told you I shall never do one small nothing again!”
Virgil: “But...the lore…”
A: “NO!”

*Virgil hides in the backpack, crying*

*One day later*

A: “Virgiiiiiil, where aaaaare youuuu?”
V: (Annoyed) “What do you want now?”
A: “Err...Well...I...Remember we were talking about the new quest yesterday?”
V: “Yes, and?”
A: “Well, you see, I kinda need to check my quest diary to see what I ne--”
A: “But Virgil! Please, I’m sorry! I--”
V: “You lost your chance with me. Now go, do the quest on your own. AND DON’T EVEN TRY TO CHECK A GUIDE OR I’LL KNOW!”
A: “All right, all right! Geez!”

*After an uncountable number of hours, the adventurer joins the Clan Quest chat seeking help*

Choto: “Hoods”
Leo: “Hoods”
Other members of the clan: “Hello! Welcome to CQ!”
A: “‘Hoods’? What?--Actually, nevermind that. Would any of you be able to help me with this quest?”
Choto: “Do you know of the Hoodian Faith?”
Leo: “Choto plz”

A: “So will you help me?”

*A random adventurer has come to you for help. Will you aid in his quest?*

A: "Oh, thank you! Here, this is the first clue I received:"


If you're stuck on one of the puzzles, try talking to Choto or myself! Hint: Nonograms