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While we promoted a new Head of Low Council only a few days ago, we've decided that this was a poor decision and decided to go with a unique option.

Draziw has offered to resign his High Council position and assume a spot as the Head of Low Council.

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Congratulations Draz!!!


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Postby Draziw » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:50 am With my new promotion to Head of Low Council I wanted to step in and make a quick introductory "speech".

Obviously, it was a difficult decision to leave the High Council. I have never held a position other than High Council, so this is going to be a fun new experience for me. With that said, I have a few policies I'd like to see pushed through during my time as HoLC.

Clan Quest has always been about questing. Ever since the foundation of the clan, quest help has been one of the most important themes for us.

During the last couple of years however, more and more people have gotten their clan cape. Today most of the members of Clan Quest already have their quest cape and therefore no longer require help from experienced questers. Because we want to be able to give our complete attention to those who require our help the most, we are going to make some major changes to the organisation of our clan.

Starting from today, only non-cape holders should be allowed to be in the clan, with the exception of a High Council-approved quest instructors group. All quest cape holders will be kindly requested to leave the clan until such a point a new quest comes out.

The next few days will be a small grace period for all those who want to leave the clan on their own terms. In the meanwhile the High Council (with the select few of our existing low Council who become instructors) deciding on an initial council of quest instructors who will be allowed to stay afterwards. As such, all other councils and subgroups should be disbanded.

As a loophole around this rule, I would like to propose an additional change.

Clan Taxes!!!

Combat Marshals have to transfer 10% of their profits to the high council because they are awesome. Low Council positions (now known as Instructors) will be sold for 10M per person per month Cape Holders in the clan will be allowed to remain for 25M per month.

Thanks guys!!! I'm super excited.

Draziw Head of Low Council