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Classic RuneScape

Sir__Robert was born as an Adventurer in Lumbridge. His name is a reference to Robin Hood, albeit a knightly version. He's pretty sure he remembers having some trouble with PKers camping at the respawn point, but according to others this may have been people camped just outside Lumbridge. This left a bad enough impression that he has never felt a drive to be a part of PK activities. He was incredibly happy about the rollout of the Wilderness, and largely left it alone. Being on the lagging computers of his school library, progress was always slow and he missed out on the holiday drops that are now so expensively tradable in-game. This led to a great deal of excitement for him when Jagex rolled out holiday events that lasted a full week or more and gave items that could be enjoyed but not traded. To this day, his most prized in-game possessions are from later holidays.

Friends and Fond Memories

Sir__Robert was the first (or one of the first) character(s) created when Michael joined RuneScape through the insistence of two close friends. At this time in his life, he had a bit of an obsession with medieval legends, knights, and historical re-enactment. The friends in question accurately assumed this game would be in line with his interests, and informed him that the game was quite new and specifically designed to be accessible with nothing more than internet access. Given that Michael had no computer at home, this was big news. These other friends being able to play at home and level up after their parents had gone to bed, they quickly pulled far ahead of him in levels and became members as soon as the system was available. This left Sir__Robert to find friends or play alone as he wished.

He has vivid memories of making friends from Germany and Sweden in these early days. Though their names have been lost to time, those friends left an impact that will stay with him forever. His favorite friend from Germany spent many hours with him training ranged in Barby Ville, killing Gunthor and his men for their beer repeatedly.

The Importance of Cabbage, Self-Reliance, and Staying Awake

When Jagex first moved toward chat moderation and bot wars, the worlds were becoming numerous enough that Sir__Robert was mostly wandering alone and striving toward balancing out his lower skills. This was in an age before Ironmen, but Sir__Robert already had a wariness toward merchanters that made him prefer to take the slower route of self-reliance. This isn't to say he never traded, but it was certainly more likely that he would sell something to a friend for mutual benefit than shout or listen in Varrock. So it was that he was primarily a lone player when the Cabbage censor broke and limited all players to shouting "cabbage" without context. He spent the whole day wasting xp by going to the crowded Varrock mines to enjoy the chaos. It was glorious! To this day, cabbage is his preferred curse of choice in game. This was about the same time as the cabbaged sleeping bag rollout. Nothing makes a man shout cabbage like having to stare at a dark screen and wait for a random word to type in. May it rest in peace. Alone, far away from adventurers.

Favorite Classic Quests and Resulting Character Story

Sir__Robert grew up on the streets of Varrock. His mother worked for the apothecary, his father absent, and he joined the Black Arm Gang as soon as he was able. As he grew, his mother took note of his activities, and he was eventually sent away to seek his fortune with nothing more than some survival tools. Being a friendly sort, he spoke to the locals wherever he went and began making a name for himself as an adventurer. He soon discovered many adventures in the world made use of his willingness to bend the rules a bit, as well as his affinity for blending in and not making his crimes obvious. While he is a skilled thief and archer, his passion lies in the natural world. Whether tracking animals or summoning them, he is happiest far away from the cities and drama of Gielinor. Still, he finds himself pulled to help whenever there is need. He can often be found speaking to his pets in quiet moments.

Prince Ali

This quest had it all! A ridiculous disguise involving mop-hair, a vaguely Disney reference, and an awesome shortcut unlocked from Newb-ridge to Al Kharid. He was a little sad to see the quest had been changed when he came back in 2021, but found Ozan a great character and the reference to the old disguise was still there. He remembers trying to write his character's backstory at one point, and this quest made it in as part of his early adventures. Or course, now he sometimes wonder how much of the quest he remembers accurately and how much was from his own writing.

Demon Slayer

Delrith was probably his favorite villain fight. He loved the idea of his character getting a special sword with magical powers, and used Silverlight quite a bit despite its stats. He also wrote the incantation that imprisoned Delrith in all his school notebooks, so he was pleasantly surprised to see that he retained his ability to recognize the correct incantation featured in a more recent quest.

Shield of Arrav

He agonized over which gang to choose for a while before he finished this quest. In looking for advice, he discovered Tip.It and a guide that walked him trough joining both gangs. This resulted in him having a second Shield of Arrav in his bank for some time before Jagex removed the item for all players. This was another quest that featured prominently in his character's backstory, and was the inspiration for choosing Varrock as his hometown. The only drawback he found to doing the quest in such a manner was he found himself enjoying the Black Arm Gang's hideout more than the Pheonix gang. So discovering that he could switch back (and stop getting slapped by Katrine) was a welcome change.

RS2 or Old School RuneScape

Sir__Robert found the updates in RS2 a welcome change. Pretty graphics (by comparison), sweet new features, and new quests being added all the time. What a deal! Having also entered adulthood about this time, it was the first time Sir__Robert would be able to try out all the benefits of Membership. Unfortunately, young adulthood also came with challenges that made his playing rather spotty. Between changing jobs and living situations quite often and having sporadic work schedules, he found he was lucky if he managed to attend holiday events, much less try out new quests or skills. His most successful time in-game was around the rollout of hunting and Barbarian Assault. His fondest quest memories during this time were Eagle's Peak and whatever holiday quests he could attend (the workshop for the marionettes being his best Christmas yet).

RS3 or RuneScape (Today)

Sir__Robert was about 15 when he started playing, and he's well into his 30's now. His stats are nothing to brag about, and his quest completion is equally spotty. Story, lore, and Jagex in-jokes are his favorite parts of playing, so he gets his fill through exploration and using all available chat options with NPCs. Upon returning from a long hiatus, he also enjoys Archeology and the lore it includes.

He was quite impressed to discover that leveling up seems to go much faster than he remembers it, so he is hopeful that this might enable him to catch up a bit. While his playing style when younger revolved around self-reliance and pride in his ability to play solo, he now uses whatever resources are available to him to maximize enjoyment of the game.

Most Noobish Moments

Dragon Slayer

Seeing as Dragon Slayer was the last quest for a free player of the Classic Era, you might think any player that had spent years getting to such a point would be past noobish mistakes. And you would be wrong. Playing RS off public computers comes with some risks. And it's the risk we are least prepared for that is likely to be the one that causes our downfall. Sir__Robert was about to face-off with Elvarg, full runite equipped, with swordys and an anti-dragon shield. This is when a friend in crisis came storming into the computer lab. Through the emotional chaos that ensued, somehow Sir__Robert met his demise at the breath of a dragon, the anti-dragon shield still uselessly in his inventory. Of course, after working for an excessively long time to get to this point, he informed his friend he really needed a chance to turn his attention to the game to recover his items. This resulted in said friend storming out, upset about his priorities. In that moment, choices were made. Sir__Robert lost an entire inventory of fighting equipment which for him took quite some effort to acquire. And a few months later, Michael lost that "friend" anyway, as the issue had never been the video game.

The Dangers in Returning After a Long Hiatus

In real life, his work schedule and computer set up (or lack thereof) often pull him away from online activity for long periods of time. This adds a distinct amount of noobishness to his online activity, keeping him one step (or ten) behind the current players at all times. His most recent hiatus was from 2016-2021. Upon being unable to log in for over a year, he found an email in his inbox warning him that his username was about to expire from some time past. Not knowing how Jagex saves accounts, he mourned his old character as lost and stopped attempting to play altogether. Of all the things he mourned the most, the Wintumber tree and marionettes were foremost on his mind. As the 20th Anniversary of Runescape approached, he found he could no longer stay away and started a new account, SirRobert85. It was while playing on this account that he entered a discussion with another player that gave him hope he may yet be able to recover his old account with his prized tree and puppets. Foolishly, he had already purchased a Premium membership for a year on SirRobert85, but being able to afford such shenanigans for now, he quickly recovered his original account. For whatever reason, his old name was not available upon recovery but was available upon the end of the month-long wait for a name change. This resulted in the name SirRobertSr being used for one month on the current (and original) account. It has since been changed back to the original, Sir__Robert. Reunited with his Wintumber tree, marionettes, and original name, he now is quite happy to blunder his way through the world with his original account. Seeing as he had an extra account all paid up for a year and a close friend also returning to RS, he gladly gave the extra account away.