This is the documentation page for the "EventInfoBox" template, which can be used to create customized templates for any event held within any of Clan Quests guilds. To use it, copy and paste the following to a page:

|Title      = 
|Image      = 
|Activity   = 
|Guild      = 
|Hosts      = 
|Date       = 
|Time       = 
|Time ago   = 
|Time until = 


This is the actual template format that will determine what is put into the infobox. Here is a quick rundown of what each of the lines are for.

  • Title: What will the top bar of the infobox say. To easily set it as the name of the page, simply write "{{PAGENAME}}"
  • Image: The name of an image you want to use to mark the infobox. You must write out the name of the file as it appears on the website, such as "Example.png". If you do not want to use an image for some reason, then please fill this line with "EventNull.png".
  • Activity: The actual activity/event that is being done. For example: "Cards Against Humanity", or "Soul Wars"
  • Guild: The name of the Guild hosting the event. For example: The Questing Clan of RuneScape
  • Hosts: List the name of the person, or people, responsible for hosting the event here.
  • Date: The date of the event, organized as: (Month name) (day), (Year). Do not include the time or timezone on this line.
  • Time: The time of the event, written in the format of: 00:00 UTC. You can change the timezone to whatever you want it to be, but it must be written in this format. 2AM = 02:00, 2PM = 14:00, etc.
  • Time ago: Recommended use: "Event was". Whatever you write here will precede the countdown after the event has occurred.
  • Time until: Recommended use: "Event is in". Whatever you write here will precede the countdown before the event has occurred.


As an example, the infobox to the right is created by posting this template:

Infobox Test

CORE Logo.png

Activity Wikiwork
Guild Questing Clan of RuneScape
Host(s) Sirapyro, Draziw
Date January 1, 2018
Time 00:00 UTC
Event was January 1, 2018 00:00 UTC ago
|Title      = Infobox Test
|Image      = CORE Logo.png
|Activity   = Wikiwork
|Guild      = Questing Clan of RuneScape
|Hosts      = Sirapyro, Draziw
|Date       = January 1, 2018
|Time       = 00:00 UTC
|Time ago   = Event was
|Time until = Event is in