This template offers a unified way to present basic information about events.

As part of a calendar (table)

This template can also be used to list several events assembled into a calendar, in conjunction with {{event header}}

and {{table footer}}
{{TNT|Event header}}
| date = 
| enddate = (optional)
| type = pick among: IRL, meeting, QA-features, QA-browser, QA-freshbugs, QA-oldbugs, other
| description = 
| contact = 
{{Table footer}}
{{TNT|Event header}}
| date = 2013-08-07
| enddate = 2013-08-11
| type = IRL
| description = [[wm2013:|Wikimania 2013]] (Hong Kong, China)
| contact = [[wm2013:Contact|Wikimania 2013 team]]
| date = 2013-09-12
| type = QA-freshbugs
| description = Triage of fresh bugs
| contact = [[User:AKlapper (WMF)|Andre Klapper]]
{{Table footer}}
will show:


Supported times
This template supports any time supported by the {{#time:}} parser function.
Supported event types
The icons are part of the Project:Visual identity set.
Type code Icon Used for
IRL Community Noun project 2280.svg Physical meetings, conferences, workshops
meeting Noun project 2472.svg Online meetings and chats
QA-features Hammer - Noun project 1306.svg Features testing
QA-browser Noun project 8974.svg Browser testing
QA-freshbugs Bug icon - Noun project 198.svg Fresh bugs
QA-oldbugs Spider Web - Noun project 813.svg Old bugs
other Calendar Noun project 1194.svg Other events