Moneymaking Methods (Clan Quest Event)

Yak Hide

  • Quests Required:
    • The Fremennik Trials
    • The Fremennik Isles
  • Items Required:
    • 50,000 GP
  • Daily Profit:
    • 445,000 per 24 hours gameplay (as of 24/03/2018)

After completing The Fremennik Isles quest, you unlock a black market yak-hide merchant on the Isle of Jaitizso, if you speak to Vanligga Gastfrihet in one of the two northern houses of Jaitizso, she will sell a total of 1000 yak hide for 50 GP per yak hide, each yak hide bought sells at a price of around 445 GP each. A full invent of yak hide can be bought and banked, repeating this until all of the yak hides has been purchased.

Potion Flasks

  • Levels Required:
    • 89 Crafting
  • Daily Profit:
    • 394,800 (as of 24/03/2018)

Every day at reset you can mine a maximum of 50 red sandstone from the mining rock located on the north wall of Ooglog and take it to the robust glass machine in Ooglog to convert it to robust glass at a ratio of 1:1. From there you can use glassblowing to convert the robust glass into potion flasks which have a price value of 7,896gp.

Desert Amulet (4) Extra: You can mine an additional 25 red sandstone increasing your total from 50 to 75 per day if you are in possession of the desert amulet 4 from the desert task achievements, this increases your total by 197,400 gp

Vis Wax

  • Levels Required:
    • 50 Runecrafting
  • Daily Profit:
    • 871,300(as of 24/03/2018)

It is advised before you try this method you read this thread to see how the Rune Goldberg Machine works:


Through using the Rune Goldberg Machine you can make a combination of three runes specifying a specific quantity if you input the number of runes and correct types of runes the machine requires, it will reward you with a maximum of 100 vis wax which sells at around 8,713 GP per vis wax

Total Profit: 1,711,100