Wiki Guides

  • Editing Guide: This guide serves as a very basic introduction to editing on the MediaWiki platform, though does not go into detail on formatting. For that, see the "Formatting for the Wiki" guide.
  • Forums to Wiki Formatting: This is a guide that lists every formatting option available on the Clan Quest forums, and provides their Wiki equivalent.
  • Formatting for the Wiki: You can find a list of all sorts of different formatting options and tools in this guide, ranging from italicizing and boldening text to creating spoilers, tables, and more!
  • Creating your Userpage: A comprehensive guide on getting started on creating your very own userpage! If you follow along with this guide you should end up with all of the basic knowledge and tools required to set up your very own corner of the website.
  • Templates: Not a guide persay, but this is a useful list of templates available for common use.

Forum Guides

Specialist Guides

  • Builder Guide: This guide gets you started on cloning the Clan Quest code bases, so you can make code contributions to the Clan Quest code projects.