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December 2018
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Clan Quest
Joined Clan June 26, 2013
Gaming Info
Join date

May 3, 2018
Old School RuneScape

Quest point cape

Personal Info
Name Tom
Age 25
Sex Male
Occupation Student (Mathematics)
Location The Netherlands

Derparnieux, or more commonly known as simply Derp, is a member of the RuneScape Guild, Old School RuneScape Guild and the Chess Guild. He joined the clan on June 26, 2013. His name, deemed difficult to spell and pronounce by many members of Clan Quest, is a reference to The Ranger's Apprentice, a book series Derp loved as a child. Other gaming interests of Derp include Pokémon and Mafia/Werewolf-type games. Outside of gaming, Derp studies mathematics and is an avid fan of (musical) theatre.

RuneScape History

Derp was introduced to RuneScape around 2007 by his older brother. Derp has fond childhood memories of staying home sick from primary school and playing RuneScape on his brother's account. Since his brother was not very keen on skilling and questing, this is mainly what Derp did on the account, eventually culminating in the crowning achievement for Derp's early RuneScape years: 99 Cooking. This is presumably also the source for Derp's love of questing.

Over the years, Derp has played RuneScape on many accounts. Presumably around 2009/2010, Derp moved on from his brother's account, Bleu Dragon7, to create his own individual account by the name of Crush Law. However, after achieving the quest point cape on Crush Law, Derp abandoned the account. Over the summer of 2012, he would go on to create a new account in order to reexperience the wonders of RuneScape, and this account was called Derparnieux. Derp played on this account for a good 6 years, during which he achieved the completionist cape and master quest cape, as well as discovering his love for an aspect of the game he would go on to become the figurehead of in Clan Quest: Treasure Trails.

The last major change of accounts happened during early 2018, when Derp and Shiro Shana decided to engage in a competition: who of the two could obtain the quest point cape and max cape the fastest on completely new accounts? This is why, on May 3, 2018, the accounts Fresh Derp and Fresh Shiro were created. Over the course of four years, this fresh account would completely overtake the old account in terms of progress. When it became apparent to Derp that his old account had become wholely irrelevant, he renamed his old account to Abanderped to reflect its abandoned nature, so the username of Derparnieux would be free to use on his new main account. A safekeep for the race can be found here. Most importantly, Derp achieved the quest point cape in September of 2018 and the max cape in March of 2019, not even a year after the account's creation.

This wasn't the only race Derp participated in; there was also the race to the "Master of All"-title, which is awarded after one has obtained all combat and skilling pets, and the Archaeology release race. In the race for Master of All, Derp was soundly defeated by Lanticex, who was awarded the title on April 6, 2019; this is believed to be the first "Master of All"-title in Clan Quest. Derp would go on to obtain Master of All in October of 2021. In the Archaeology release race, Derp was the fifth person in Clan Quest to reach 99, and the first person in Clan Quest to reach 120.

Other notable achievements include the master quest cape in September of 2020 and the completionist cape in May of 2021. Furthermore, Derp cemented his love for clue scrolls on this account by completing the easy clue log in June of 2020 and the medium clue log in September of 2021. On all of his accounts combined, Derp has completed well over 10,000 clue scrolls.

Derp is also known for occassionally hosting clue bingo events for the Clan Quest Guild. Furthermore, Derp is known in Clan Quest for being a big fan of the Croesus skilling boss, and as one of the two original discoverers of the rarest reward from the alchemist's chest, which was added with the TzekHaar front of the Elder God Wars Dungeon. Spoiler: it's just a single alchemist's key. Lastly, Derp has a Hardcore Ironman account called Derpironieux, but it has seen very little activity over the years.

Old School RuneScape History

Prior to April 2022, Derp had never seriously played OSRS. Aside from getting to about 1200 total level on Derparnieux, he had only really participated in Leagues 2 and Leagues 3 on an account called League Derp. This changed when, in April of 2022, Derp decided to quit RS3 and move his gaming endeavours to Old School RuneScape instead. On September 22, 2022, Derp achieved his first main goal on the game: the quest point cape. His main focus is now on gaining total levels, completing achievement diaries and getting his account PvM-ready.

Clan Quest History

The early years

Not much is known about Derp's early years in Clan Quest, bar his join date of June 26, 2013. During the early years, he had never considered himself a particularly notable member of the clan. This did change little by little over the course of Derp's membership, to the point where Derparnieux is now a recognisable name in clan chat platforms and, dare I say, a popular and widely-known member of the clan in general.

RS3 Honor Council

For more detailed information about the RS Honor Council, click here.

In March of 2018, following the new Constitution, elections were called for the office of Head of RS Honor Council. On a platform of activity and transparency, Derp won these elections and was subsequently instated as Head of the RS Honor Council on March 21, 2018. His first tenure as Head was relatively quiet, with no major incidents occurring. However, Derp realised after a few months that a few of his fellow Honor Councillors had become rather inactive. In an effort to enforce the rules of activity and in order to incite a new vote, he resigned his position as Head on August 28, 2018. Derp was subsequently re-elected, making him the first person in Clan Quest history to have been elected for the office of Head of RS Honor Council twice. He finally resigned from the position on January 10, 2019.

RS3 Guild Council

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Derp was a part of the group colloquially known as the "Dutch delegation" for Runefest 2018. During said event on October 6, 2018, he was promoted to the RS Guild Council alongside fellow "Dutch delegation"-member Shiro Shana. However, early 2019 proved to be a hectic and dramatic time for the RS Guild Council, ultimately leading to Derp's resignation on May 9, 2019. On October 9, 2020, he rejoined the Guild Council. He was moved to Emeritus on April 20, 2022 by his own request.

Chess Guild

For more detailed information about the Chess Guild Council, click here.

During the first half of 2021, Derp hosted the first chess tournament of Clan Quest: Questchamps 1. The event ran for 3 months and it was quite successful, and as such, the Chess Guild of Clan Quest was born! Derp is currently serving as its first Head of Guild Council.

Derp is currently the only Clan Quest member to have been featured in one of IM Levy Rozman's (a.k.a. GothamChess) How to lose at chess videos. The Guild is proud of him.

Iron Quest (retired)

On June 1, 2020, the RS3 Ironman Guild of Clan Quest (also known as "Iron Quest") was created. Derp was involved in the founding of this Guild, and he came on board as the first Head of Honor Council and one of the three original Guild Councillors of the Guild, positions he held until the Ironman Guild was finally retired in July of 2021 for reasons of inactivity.