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December 2018
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Clan Quest
Joined Clan June 26, 2013
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May 3, 2018
Master quest cape
Completionist cape
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Personal Info
Name Tom
Age 23
Sex Male
Occupation Student (Mathematics)
Location The Netherlands

Derparnieux, or more commonly known as simply Derp, is a member of multiple Clan Quest Guilds, most notably the RuneScape Guild and the Chess Guild. He joined the clan on June 26, 2013.

The name "Derparnieux" has been topic of discussion within Clan Quest, as many people have deemed it difficult to spell and pronounce. The name originates, though, from a series of books Derp loved as a child - "The Ranger's Apprentice" by John Flanagan. A warlord by the name of Deparnieux was a minor character in the third book of this series, The Icebound Land. The name was chosen as an homage to this character, and the brilliant series of books in general. The addition of the first 'r' was necessary, as the original name was unavailable at the time the RuneScape account was created. However, one might argue this addition gave the name its familiarity and recognisability, as nowadays Derp mainly goes by this nickname: Derp.

RuneScape History

Pre-Derparnieux era

Derp has played RuneScape on and off ever since his brother introduced him to the game in primary school. The exact date he started playing is unknown, but he has estimated it to be around 2007. For the first five years of him playing RuneScape, Derp played on several different accounts, never really keen on setting goals for himself or being, in any way, efficient. During this time, he discovered his love for the game, specifically his love for questing and Treasure Trails. Not quite coincidentally, the latter is also what Derp is generally known for - he is an avid hunter of clue scrolls, having completed over 2000 clue scrolls on his two main accounts.

Early RuneScape usernames held by Derparnieux include Bleu Dragon7 and Crush Law. Both of these accounts, however, have been lost to the gaping maw of eternity. And this is Xau-Tak.


During the summer holidays of 2012, specifically on the 5th of August, Derp sat in his bedroom. He was playing RuneScape on one of his old accounts. However, for some reason historians disagree about to this day (probably the fact that he had already completed all quests on the previous account), he felt the need to create a new account. He named this new account Derparnieux. However, as you might expect, the earliest purpose for this account was not to obtain the renowned Quest point cape again - no, the grind which started this account was a grind towards 99 Fletching.

There is nothing much more to be said about this account. Over the years, Derp has achieved multiple noteworthy feats on this account, although the particular dates of achievement have been lost to the spiral of time. These feats include obtaining the Max cape, the Completionist cape and the Master quest cape. However, Derp is currently not able to wear his Completionist cape, for the sole reason of not having a single Solak kill to his name. He intends to reclaim this cape at some point in time, but definitely not any time soon.

On this account, though, Derp's love for Treasure Trails finally came to some form of fruition. As of November 2018, his combined number of completed hard, elite and master clues is about 1400. However, due to the fact that Derp does not play on this account anymore, the clue progress on the main account has stopped, and instead it is continuing on his alt: Derpaltnieux. Since then, he has changed the RSN of his old main to Abanderped, so the RSN of 'Derparnieux' would be free to use on his new main.


Derp has created quite a few alternate accounts since the creation of Derparnieux. One notable but not all too relevant example of these accounts is Gladion, an account created by Derp due to his feelings of aimlessness on the main account. However, Derp regained the motivation to play on his main account during early 2017. Gladion subsequently began to see less and less playtime, ultimately being deemed completely abandoned as of March 3, 2017.

Another major shift occurred as an indirect result of the release of Menaphos in June 2017. This caused Derp to lose both his Master quest cape and Completionist cape on his main account. This gave him a renewed sense of purpose, and he spent basically the rest of the year trying to reobtain these capes. This task was completed in early 2018. Having completed these two slightly-long-term goals, the aimlessness hit again.

The solution to the aimlessness came during early May, 2018, when Derp and Shiro Shana decided to engage in a competition - who of the two could obtain Quest point cape and Max cape the fastest on completely new accounts? On May 3, 2018, the accounts Fresh Derp and Fresh Shiro were created. This race renewed Derp's motivation completely - to this day, he still plays on this new account actively. This account has gone through several namechanges over time, but eventually the name Derpaltnieux stuck, as a pun on his original account name Derparnieux.

While this race only strengthened Shiro's motivation to play on his main account, it did the complete opposite for Derp; the overwhelming majority of his playtime was spent on the race account, and not on the main. As a result of this invested time, Derp achieved the first and simplest goal of the race on September 23, 2018 - the Quest point cape - after about 4.5 months since the account's creation. Finally, the race concluded when Derp maxed his alt on March 13, 2019. The complete progress of the race, as well as some post-race achievements, can be found here.

A second notable race that Derp participated in was the race to the "Master of All"-title, which is received when one has obtained all combat and skilling pets. However, Derp was soundly defeated by Lanticex, who was awarded the title on April 6, 2019; this is also believed to be the first "Master of All"-title in Clan Quest. To this day, Derp still has not obtained the title, and legend says he never will.

Nowadays, Derp still mostly plays on his alt. He spends his time completing clue scrolls and slowly ticking off requirements for the Master quest cape and Comp cape. As of May 2019, Derp has completed over 1500 (combined) hard, elite and master clues on his alt, with no intention of stopping any time soon. It begs the question: when does an alt become a main?

The answer to this question was given on September 21, 2019, when Derp decided to cash out his main and trade over the money to his alt. In the process, he also transferred the RSN, and because Derp's pun game cannot be underestimated, he named his old main Abanderped. On this day, the alt officially became the main.

Since then, Derp has been busy doing what he always does, which is mostly clues. On the day of writing this passage (June 26, 2020), Derp has completed over 2700 hard clues, and he has also managed to complete the easy clue collection log at 922 easy clues completed. Derp still has not obtained the Master of All title, with only the Hunter pet Ace to be found, and has also not yet obtained either the Completionist cape or the Master quest cape. However, Derp was one of the people in Clan Quest participating in the Archaeology grind after its release, and as such he became the fifth person in Clan Quest to reach 99, and the first person in Clan Quest to reach 120.

During September 2020, Derp finally gained the motivation to finish his remaining requirements for the Master quest cape, eventually getting 117 Dungeoneering and collecting the last related lore book on September 27, 2020. Now that the Master Quest Cape has been obtained, Derp is focussed on completing clues and getting random 120 skills. And who knows, he may even (at some point in the distant future) get Master of All and the Completionist cape.

As predicted, in May of 2021, Derp finally became crazy enough to complete the last remaining requirements for the Completionist cape! The focus is yet again on completing clue scrolls and getting random 120 skills. He still has not achieved the Master of All title yet, with only the Hunter pet Ace eluding him. Derp has tried obtaining this pet, even going far as achieving 120 Hunter, but his luck has not turned around yet.

The summer of 2021 was characterised by two things for Derp. Taking inspiration from Ytse's 2020 pride bingo, Derp hosted his first clue bingo in August 2021. This event was quite popular, and Derp's plan of turning Clan Quest into Clan Clue was brought ever so closer to fruition. The second of these things was the release of the Arch-Glacor front, which boosted Derp's motivation to play RuneScape a whole lot. Currently, as of September 19, 2021, Derp has about 150 normal mode and 1100 hard mode Arch-Glacor kills without the pet; legend has it Derp will never get the Arch-Glacor pet drop, much like the Hunter pet Ace.

Derp can mark two dates in his calender as dates of momentous achievement. On September 23, 2021, at a combined normal mode/hard mode killcount of over 1400, he finally got the Arch-Glacor pet drop. He will continue rocking this pet for the foreseeable future, as the black ice skin just looks so incredibly nice. More importantly, though, October 4, 2021 saw the death of one of the greatest memes in Clan Quest history when Derp finally got the Hunter pet Ace (and with it, the Master of All title) at about 134.5m Hunter XP. The question remains, what will Derp do now? The answer is probably clues. Potentially random 120s, maybe trim some day. Maybe.

The release of the TzekHaar Front, the fourth front of the Elder God Wars, also came with the release of a new chest (like the crystal chest), namely the alchemist's chest. On Discord and Twitter, Mod Sponge had teased about three rares being obtainable from this chest, and so Derp took it upon himself to discover what these rares were. When he started, the first rare had already been discovered: 150 onyx dust. Derp was the first to report on the second rare, coincidentally the rarest of the three, namely a single alchemist's key. This is supposed to be a hint towards the chest's owner, because how could the key to a chest have ended up in the chest itself? Finally, when Derp asked Mod Sponge about the alchemist's chest on the RuneScape stream, he caved and revealed that the last rare was 15 wines of Saradomin. In total, Derp opened just over 10k alchemist's keys.


At some point during May 2020, after the Archaeology grind, Derp unearthed his old Hardcore Ironman account, and began playing that again. He's not made a lot of progress so far, and the first period of this account being actively played, was mostly used to decide on a name for the account. In the end, Derp settled for Derpironieux, continuing the punny trend that has been everpresent in the naming of Derp's accounts.

At the same time as the revival of Derpironieux, the desire in Clan Quest for a dedicated place for Ironmen began to grow; hence, Iron Quest was created. Derp was involved in the founding of this Guild, and he came on board as the first Head of Honor Council and one of the three original Guild Councillors of the Guild. Derp's motivation on the Ironman account quickly diminished though, and with it also the general activity in Iron Quest. The Ironman Guild was finally retired in July of 2021.

Oldschool RuneScape History

Prior to April 2022, Derp has never seriously played OSRS. He had participated in Leagues 2 and Leagues 3 and played on the Derparnieux account from time to time, accruing to an account of about 1200 total level.

April 2022

In April of 2022, Derp decided to semi-quit RS3 and instead move his gaming endeavours to Oldschool RuneScape. No specific goals were set at this time, but like most members of Clan Quest, Derp aspires to get the quest point cape very soon. Other than that, it's probably going to be a combination of bossing, clueing and filling collection log slots.

Clan Quest History

The early years

Not much is known about Derp's early years in Clan Quest, bar his join date of June 26, 2013. During the early years, he had never considered himself a particularly notable member of the clan. This did change little by little over the course of Derp's membership, to the point where Derparnieux is now a recognisable name in clan chat platforms and, dare I say, a popular and widely-known member of the clan in general.

RS3 Honor Council

For more detailed information about the RS Honor Council, click here.

In March of 2018, following the new Constitution, elections were called for the office of Head of RS Honor Council. On a platform of activity and transparency, Derp won these elections and was subsequently instated as Head of the RS Honor Council on March 21, 2018. His first tenure as Head was relatively quiet, with no major incidents occurring. However, Derp realised after a few months that a few of his fellow Honor Councillors had become rather inactive. In an effort to enforce the rules of activity and in order to incite a new vote, he resigned his position as Head on August 28, 2018. Derp was subsequently re-elected, making him the first person in Clan Quest history to have been elected for the office of Head of RS Honor Council twice. He finally resigned from the position on January 10, 2019.

RS3 Guild Council

For more detailed information about the RS Guild Council, click here.

Derp was a part of the group colloquially known as the "Dutch delegation" for Runefest 2018. During said event on October 6, 2018, he was promoted to the RS Guild Council alongside fellow "Dutch delegation"-member Shiro Shana. However, early 2019 proved to be a hectic and dramatic time for the RS Guild Council, ultimately leading to Derp's resignation on May 9, 2019. On October 9, 2020, he rejoined the Guild Council. He was moved to Emeritus on April 20, 2022 by his own request.

Chess Guild

For more detailed information about the Chess Guild Council, click here.

During the first half of 2021, Derp hosted the first chess tournament of Clan Quest: Questchamps 1. The event ran for 3 months and it was quite successful, and as such, the Chess Guild of Clan Quest was born! Derp is currently serving as its first Head of Guild Council.

Derp is currently the only Clan Quest member to have been featured in one of IM Levy Rozman's 'How to lose at chess' videos. The Guild is proud of him.

Iron Quest (retired)

On June 1, 2020, the RS3 Ironman Guild of Clan Quest (also known as "Iron Quest") was created. Derp was involved in the founding of this Guild, and he came on board as the first Head of Honor Council and one of the three original Guild Councillors of the Guild, positions he held until the Ironman Guild was finally retired in July of 2021 for reasons of inactivity.