This page will serve as a living to-do list of all of Clan Quests active projects and goals.


  • Write these pages for launch:
    • "Clan Quest"/about
    • "The Questing Clan of RuneScape"
    • "Clan Government"
    • "Clan Council"
    • "Questaholic"
    • "Clan Discord"
    • "Guides"
    • "Editing Policies"
    • "Editing Guide"
  • Revise these pages:
    • "Formatting for the Wiki"
    • "Editing Guide"
    • "Main Page", add featured user/featured article/changes
  • Transfer major guides on the forums to the wiki
  • Fill in the wanted pages list
  • Add disclaimer to the wiki
  • Add a license for images
  • The "<gallery>" tag does not work properly.
  • Compile C.O.R.E articles

Clan Government

Clan Branding

  • Design a Clan Coin(?)
  • Write a Clan Quest Anthem(?)
  • Make a decision on/implement new logos/branding
  • Design and provide T-shirts that members of the clan can order


  • Finish the home page of the website
  • Add a "Magazine" section for easy viewing
  • Update user account names and other final issues with offsite.
  • Implement personal "" pages that can be used a a personalized safekeep with various gaming hooks
  • Add a way for new members to apply via the website
  • Fix the offsite forums on mobile
  • Add Twitter next to Youtube/Discord
  • Implement a dynamic members list, searchable by both group(rank) and Guild
  • Implement a means of publishing wiki pages as web pages(complete with html and css formatting), without no extra MediaWiki functions present.

Social Media

  • Begin process of Youtube Channel stuff
  • Re-revitalize our Twitter

Questing Clan of RuneScape

  • Quest List Order
  • Update a wiki article for all runefests with clan quest attendance (should be every since first).

Old School Clan Quest

  • Old School Clan Quest main article


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  • Restructure forums depending on Clan Constitution
  • Userpage Footer
  • Write a guide on how to start your userpage w/templates
  • Install: so that certain pages can be properly excluded.
  • Create a private admin page linking to so that we can actually access it
  • add <box> tag
  • add copyright page
  • Implement personalized visual style
    • Install VisualEditor
    • Integrate Wiki into website framework
    • Adjust colors to the Clan Quest color scheme
    • Fix User Avatars
    • Fix common.css
    • Fix automatically generated pages not splitting into columns
    • Differentiate blue links from red links
    • Make "[edit]" and reference numbers smaller and script
    • Modify default wikitable to include a black underline for headers
    • Add a "buffer" to the top and bottom of default wikitables so that they can do not overlap
    • Fix lists from hugging the left edge and bottom edges
    • Automatically generated file lists still only show one column.
    • The main "Special:FileList" page is horrendous, it should be built into more of a spreadsheet.
    • Finalize layout
  • Clan Constitution
    • Define Content Editors group
    • Define "Other Officers" group
    • Make Revisions
    • Present to the clan for voting
    • Finalize
  • Transfer all Clan Magazine Articles into Wiki Format