The Clan Discord is created and maintained as a service for clan members. This means that the visibility is generally limited to members who are part of at least one Clan Quest Guild. A member joining the Discord will have access to two channels: #rules and #lobby. #rules specifies the rules for the server and is visible to everybody at all times. #lobby is only visible for guests first joining, server moderators, and members of any Guild Council.

Overall access

Access to the Discord channels is split in two sections: general channels and guild channels. The general channels contain the main text and voice channels, including the bots channels. Access to these channels is granted to any Clan Quest member by joining any of the guilds. Guests will not have access to these channels at all times.

Each guild within Clan Quest has their own Discord category. Access to those channels is granted on the authority of the respective Guild Council. The rules for granting access are outlined below.

Access policies for Clan Quest members

Guild Councilors are allowed to invite members of their own guild into their channels. This power is granted to the Guild Council to make guilds self-sufficient and relieve pressure on the server moderation team. To invite a member to your guild, use the following command in #lobby (for Guild Councilors) or #dynobot (for server moderators):

?guildjoin-[clancode] [user]

In this case, [clancode] should be replaced with the shortcode of your Guild, and [user] can be the name of the user, or a mention. For example, for the RuneScape Guild, if I wanted to invite a user named 'Cireon', the command would become:

?guildjoin-rs @Cireon

NB: adding a member to a guild also opens up all the general channels for that member. This type of invite is not to be used for guests.

Access policies for guests

Some guilds might want to allow non-guild members to join their guild channels. This can apply to both guests, or clan members belonging to different guilds. To allow this, the Guild Council may request the Clan Council for the guild to be granted a guesting system. The following conditions apply:

  1. The Guild Council accepts the responsibility of moderating and dealing with guests of their guild. If guests cause large disturbances, the Guild Council will be held responsible.
  2. The Guild Council must set rules for who is allowed to guest, and what the process is for getting guest access. It is the Guild Council's responsibility to make sure this process involves the guest's acknowledgement of the Discord rules.
  3. Server moderators may take away the access of an individual guest at any time if required.
  4. Server administrators may take away the guest access of an entire guild at any time if required.

Once a guesting system is applied to the guild, the following command can be used to invite a member as a guest once they joined the server. This command should be executed in #lobby (for Guild Councillors) or #dynobot (for server moderators):

?guildguest-[clancode] [user]

So again, to invite a user named 'Cireon' to the RuneScape guild, the command would become:

?guildguest-rs @Cireon

General remarks

  1. Please be wary with sharing the link to the Clan Discord. The server moderation team is currently relying on manual monitoring. Large numbers of people joining the server will cause unnecessary strain to our server moderation team.
  2. Do not create your own Discord invite links. Always use the official link that is found on the clan offsite.
  3. The Clan Discord is primarily maintained for clan members. We allow guests as a service to our clan members, and because we're nice people. However, we will always put our clan member's interests first. By inviting guests in our house, we expect them to follow our rules and follow our standards for politeness and acceptance. If you invite a guest, you are in part responsible for this guest's behaviour.