C.O.R.E Event

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Activity Underground Pass race
Guild Event Thugs United
Host(s) Tyco elf
Date December 2, 2017
Time 14:00 UTC
Event was December 2, 2017 14:00 UTC ago

Event played: Underground Pass race

Attendees: Tyco elf (host) Xenon Ray Santa Ends Ilikeslayer Borosuroso Truly a Weeb Ridley Protoman Dragon Elder Choto 3000 Iron Regulus (aka Wise Ork, guest)

Event started by Tyco elf rolling a 65 (POH Dungeon raid) at 14:00 UTC/GMT. However, due to the the time it would take to make the event manageable and the question of funding, it was rerolled to the event it later became, Underground pass walkthrough. By the suggestion of an attende Choto 3000 it was decided a race would be held. Supplies was handed out (1 rope, a bow, 10 bronze arrows, a spade and a plank) by the host and the race was a go. Winner was Truly a Weeb, followed by Choto 3000 and Borosuoro. The group was later reunited at Tyras camp where they were introduced to Linford, the host of the Great Gielinor Run achievement. This was not hosted due to time limits since Choto's maxing party would soon be held at Lumbridge castle.