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The Runescape Ironman Guild

Postby Shiro_Shana » Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:46 pm

~~~~About The Ironman Questing Clan of RuneScape~~~~

Our clan channel in the Runescape game is: Iron Quest

The original Questing Clan of Runescape, known also as Clan Quest, was created in the Runescape game on November of 2009 by a bunch of questers. After inviting all the “Quest Noobs” they knew, they requested recognition from Jagex and were formally recognized in the Clan Database on December 8th, 2009.

The sister clan "Iron Quest" was created on the first of June 2020. As the name already says, we're a clan of ironmen who are still quest noobs. We enjoy cooperation with our sister clan in terms of events (as long as ironmen are able to join), but we also have our own events. Events like ironman pvm masses, questing together and weird self-created events like Cops n Crooks.

~~~~Concerning Ironman guidance~~~~
Like our sister clan we will help fellow ironmen in any way possible. While Questing is our strongest point, we're not limited to it. The way of iron is long and hard. Many times quite weird actually. You discover a new way of playing the game and you will enjoy content you probably never even heard about on the mainscape side of the game. We are here to show you this path and to help you find your home in the iron world of Runescape.

~~~~Our Rules~~~~
To ensure that everyone in the channel has the most fun, certain rules are in place to protect members and visitors to our clan. All participants are expected to follow our clan's rules. All members of the clan are assumed to have read and agreed with the rules. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in consequences varying in severity.

(1) All Jagex rules apply
(2) No insulting/offensive behavior (including spamming and excessive profanity)
(3) Conflict? Deal with it out of the chat!
(4) Avoid sensitive topics as they can cause conflict, and be respectful of divergent behavior/viewpoints.
(5) All clan members must abide to our Code of Ethics.

~~~~How to Join~~~~
Requirements to Join
- Must have read and acknowledged clan rules.
- Be an ironman account

Requirements to become full member
- Must have created a clan offsite account.

Steps to Join
  • Join clan chat “Iron Quest” as a guest. Talk to our members and see if you like our community. Make sure people get to know you.
  • Post an application letter based on the template at the bottom.
  • After your application is accepted by a Councilor, get in contact with any Councilor (silver key) in-game to be invited to the clan.
  • Once you have met all membership requirements (see above), you may be afforded full membership to the clan. Ask any Councilor to promote you to your appropriate rank.
Please copy and paste the below form in a reply, and complete all sections with your best answers.
I, [your RSN], want to join the RuneScape Ironman Guild of Clan Quest. I have read the clan's rules and shall adhere to them. My total Quest Points are currently [your QP]

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