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Re: The Old School RuneScape Guild!

Postby The Skeezer » Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:57 pm

TehQuestGuy wrote:
Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:34 pm
OSRS name & previous name(s): TehQuestGuy

Have you read our rules? Do you agree with them?: Yes

Do you accept to becoming part of the Clan Quest family, and will you respect other members, even if your opinions differ?: Yes

Total Quest Points?: 284

Favorite Quest? Why?: Recipe for disaster, nostalgia

Least Favorite Quest? Why?: Mourning's end part 2, that maze is garbo

Total Level?: 1647

What's your preferred gamestyle (i.e quester, skiller, pvmer, etc)?: quester

How did you learn about our clan?: joined way back in the day (probably 2010-2011) on RS3

Would you rather walk a mile in another man's shoes, or carry the man the mile?: carry the man while walking in his shoes

If you close both eyes, can you still see?: no shot chief

If you know what you do not know, do you know everything?: yea

Do you have any questions about this clan, e.g. its threads, the application, etc.?
Hey man! Glad to see another familiar face ;) Welcome back :)

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